Just Hangin’ Out or Should I Say “Hanging on!”

It seems that all of my creative inspiration is going into my Etsy shops these days.  It is so surprising how much work it is setting up a new shop.  CreativeTrims is off to a good start.  I keep ordering inventory, and that is where the real work is.  Taking pictures, tracking inventory and listing is really quite time consuming, but fun too! And just a reminder, I have a Grand Opening sale going on over there which will end May 31.  Use coupon code “GRANDOPENING10”  to get 10% off your entire order (not including postage).

I have made a few items and put them in The Stitchin’ Chicken shop as well.

I am working from my current inventory here, and I have a very large box of burlap coffee sacks that I had purchased some time ago.  So I am making some pillows and buckets from them. There will be more of these to come!

I am lining the buckets with cotton canvas, and also backing the pillows with it as well.  It goes well with the burlap and is a strong material, so these things will hold up to use on the patio as well as in the house.  I love the simplicity that these things bring to any room they are in.

I have also been researching a few new venues for selling my handmade items.  I have scaled back on Artfire, switching from the Pro account to a free one.  Things do sell there, but not nearly as well as they do on Etsy.  I have found a couple of new venues, and started setting up a shop, free for now, over at Meylah.  I really like how the layout is over there, and after I get everything listed, I may upgrade my account. If you get a chance, stop over there and check it out! There are blogs and tutorials, all kinds of things going on.

It is great to see what is evolving out in the handmade market, pretty exciting.  And the support in the community is wonderful!

I have just joined in the world of tweeting too!  Yes, I have tweeted about 3 times now! lol! I am always unsure of what I am doing and how it is going to work.  I have had a few problems on Facebook lately, like accidentally posting the same post multiple times (I need to just leave my hand off of the mouse and let it think, before clicking again!).

Anyhow, now you know where to find me!  I hope to do some sewing just for fun (not that I am not having fun now), but I would like to finish some of my projects.

Until next time, take care.  Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!


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  1. Great to hear you’ve been keeping busy with your online shops! I agree that photos and listings take the most time, but the making is the most fun! Love the look of your new Meylah shop, which I wasn’t familiar with before. Keep up all the great work, and enjoy the long holiday weekend.

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