Handmade Shop Introduction – Unique Crafts by Patti

This is the first interview of a series I am doing to introduce you to some wonderful Handmade Shops. I have added a new page called ‘Handmade Shops’ where you will be able to access this information easily. Please visit these people and their shops and show them your support!  Thank you!

I would like you to meet Patti, shop owner/designer of Unique Crafts by Patti.

Hi Patti, please tell us what you make and sell, how long have you been doing this, and what made you decide to open a shop?

I make a little bit of everything! I make jewelry, cross stitch, bath salts, chainmaille. I’m teaching myself to crochet…and to learn the sewing machine again! When I feel comfy sewing again, Im wanting to make bags, pillows, curtains, etc!

Wow, I started selling my pieces in 06! (Been making my jewelry since then, and let me tell ya, its come A LOOOOOONG way, hehe) But Ive been crafty as far back as I can remember, Thanks to my Mom! Making my stuff will always be a joy to me, I love being creative, but this is my “JOB” and what I make goes to helping my hubs with bills or buying diapers…and maybe a chocolate bar or 2, *looks innocent*

Tell us a little about your background.  What other interests do you have?

I’m an Air Force brat born and raised! I traveled the world and lived in Italy for 2 years and Germany for 3 years. I of course did a lot of traveling around Europe. A couple of my favorite places were Austria, where the Sound of Music was filmed! We got to see the house and me and my sister danced around the gazebo singing “I am 16 going on 17…” :D It was gorgeous there! But my all time favorite place I visited was Paris! Im a history nut and there was SOOOOOO much History there! I got to see the Mona Lisa, The Notre Dame, and of course my Eiffel Tower! *sigh* I just loved that place!

Im a HUGE Basketball fan, GOOOO UTAH JAZZ!!! I used to play in high school, and thats where my nickname of Amazon came from, *giggles* Im 6’0 tall, and when I would go up for a lay-up shot my fingers touched the rim! And of course I did this with the football team sitting in the gym one time and they saw that…and thats when it started! :P

And here is where you can find Patti:

Please stop by and check out Patti’s shop on Artfire, follow her on Twitter, ‘like’ her on Facebook, and follow her blog!

And remember, you will also be able to locate her links on the new ‘Handmade Shops’ page!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. What a cool idea for a new series and page on your blog, Cheryl! Thank you for providing this exposure to artists and crafters that are new to me. How cool to meet Patti, see her handmade goods, and learn more about her background. Love that necklace, btw.

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