Do You Do Embroidery?

I have noticed over the past couple of years that there has been a renewed interest in embroidery.  I have always loved to do embroidery, and it so wonderful to see so many new ideas and books coming out.

Some Embroidery Supplies

Embroidery was one of the first ‘crafts’ that I learned.  When we were elementary school age my mother taught us some embroidery stitches.  One of the first projects we usually did was a hanky.  We always had one that we carried in our pocket or our little purses!  Unfortunately I don’t have any of those any more. But I would like to share a few embroidered and stitched items that I either did myself, or purchased from others.

I made this for my oldest son’s room when I was pregnant with him..

Baby Dresser Scarf

I took a piece of white broadcloth and applied an iron-on transfer for the ducks to embroider.  I then hemmed the edges and added some eyelet lace to each end.  I used it in the nursery for all three of my kids.  This is something that I’m saving in my cedar chest so that if one of them want it for their babies, it will be in reasonable condition.

I also did counted cross-stitch, and made this little bear riding on a goose for my daughter’s room.  I used pink and pale green for the bows because those were the colors she liked.

Counted Cross-Stitch Bear

I have collected a few scarves from garage sales that were hand stitched as well.  This one here was for my daughter’s room.  Note the pink and green cross stitches.

Here is one I just picked up last month, I thought I would use it in my guest room, which I am doing in pastels and cottage style decorating.  There are a few minor stains, that don’t really show.

Garage Sale Find
Check out the French Knots!

I also want to share a cross stitch sampler that I did.  It was also a kit, which I picked up at a stitching party in the 1980’s. You can see that parts of the picture are printed on.

These stitching kit parties were pretty popular and sold all types of  kits for cross stitch, needlepoint, counted cross stitch and various other needle crafts. This on is just waiting for me to frame it.  I just finished the sampler last fall!  I kept it in my desk at work and worked on it during lunch breaks (which were obviously few and far between! lol!).

Cross Stitch Sampler

I see embroidery being used in quilts, clothing and on all types of crafts now.  It really is a way that you can add your own personal touch to your crafts. And makes a wonderful take-along project!

French Knots on a Sunflower Bag I Made

If you are interested in learning how to do embroidery, Bari J. is posting how-to videos over at her blog, We Love French Knots! You can also catch her on Facebook, We Love French Knots Facebook page.

Here are a few more links for patterns, supplies and to learn how to do hand embroidery:

Stitching YouTube video – How to Embroider.

How to Embroider website:  How-to’s for several types of embroidery/hand stitching.

Urban Threads :  Hand embroidery patterns and how-to.

TaDa! Creations:  Embroidery tutorial

These are just a few links.  There are a limitless number books and tutorials out on the web.

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2 thoughts on “Do You Do Embroidery?

  1. I learned how to do embroidery in elementary school too. I used to do it a lot more, but put the hobby away for a few years as I got more into sewing and drawing. I see a resurgence in embroidery lately, and I’ve been feeling an itch to stitch, so your blog post is perfect timing.

    I love seeing the selections from your collection. That sampler is especially beautiful! Do you have any of them on display? I never know what to do with them when I’m finished, so I love the handkerchief idea.

  2. I used to do embroidery a lot but I haven’t in a long while. In fact I found I project I started years a go and never finished. I quilt also but have put that on the back burner also. Maybe now that I am setting up a craft room I will be able to set up my frame again.

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