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I have noticed that everything that I do these days seems to be related to my home.  I guess that comes with having to get a house ready to sell, and then moving into another one.  The nesting instinct has kicked in. So I guess that it’s no wonder that everything that I have been making has something to do with the home as well!  It doesn’t matter if it is something that I have made for my shop, or myself.

Vintage Doily Pillow

I’ve been stocking the shop with some pillows, and of course I have fit in one or two for myself…

One for You and One for Me!

I kind of feel like I have been doing a ‘one for you and one for me’ here!

And I have made a ton of fabric baskets in all types of fabrics and sizes…

I have been having a blast stenciling on the burlap and making some of my coffee buckets again.  Only this time, I made them a little differently so I could use the blue pillow ticking.  My original pattern doesn’t work well with the stripes, so I came up with a new pattern, which is actually a little quicker and uses less fabric.  I love the ticking so much, that I also made a hanging pillow with it…

Most of this is in the shop.  The back of this heart is made from a piece of burlap from one of the coffee sacks that I use to make the burlap pillows and buckets that are also in my shop…

I have listed several things in the shop that I used the pillow ticking to make.  I am really enjoying working with these simple, basic materials. I am thinking of combining these with some of my cottons that I have stashed and I am going to be experimenting a little more with my paint, stencils, flour sack towels and the pillow ticking. Sometimes just getting back to simple materials is all it takes to get my creative juices flowing!

Vintage Flour Sack and Ticking Bag

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  1. Love seeing all your fun home goods! One can never have too many pillows around the house, especially if you look at how many chairs and places there are to sit and lounge. Really love that vintage flour sack tote!

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