Let’s Do Some Catching Up!

OK, I have been a procrastinator this last year.  Trying to get my hands around all of the changes that have come my way, I think that I have started so many projects that are now setting here incomplete.  I decided that it is time to start finishing up some of them.  And I’m doing it before having to make a New Year’s resolution too! LOL!

I am still working on finishing just a couple of Christmas presents, but I threw in another project that I should have completed a long time ago……..

Wildlife Pillows

I started these wildlife pillows for one of my sons.  They were actually panels that I backed and machine quilted.

Beginning Panels

I have had them in my fabric stash for a long time, I think that they may actually be considered vintage (lol!).  So I cut off the border, selected two of them, and proceeded to quilt them. Since I had them so long I couldn’t match the fabric for the backing, and just plain brown didn’t seem right to me.  I finally came across a brown print this last year, that had most of the colors I was looking for.

Backing with a piece of the border

I added a piece of the border that I had removed from the front, and just made an envelope back closing.

Since his living room is in browns, and he is an avid outdoorsman, I think that these will work great!

One project down, yay! I think I’m on a roll!


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  1. Great projects! I love the idea of making these panels into pillows. Looks like a fun sewing project to work on. And perfect for an outdoors theme.

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