I’m Baring It All

OK, I am feeling so bad about the situation, that I have to do this.  No one is laying a guilt trip on me, except me. I have been struggling with this, and I have made some improvements, honest I have. But reading these blog posts over at the Quilting Gallery, about organizing your creative/sewing space with Pat Sloan, and looking at all of those wonderfully organized spaces is pushing me to jump right in!  So here it is…….and you might take note, this is also my business space, my warehouse (part of the warehouse that is.  Some inventory is in the hall as you enter! lol!) for all of those Creative Trims ribbons and trims, my shipping space, and my Stitchin’ Chicken space as well…………
Entering the room
The Cutting Table

Along with using this table to cut material, I measure and cut my trims to ship out daily.  Under the table, more inventory and a container of fabric stuffed in there! There are more containers on the right side you can’t see, the legs of the table are in the middle, so I have containers stuffed between them underneath.

Under the Sewing Table - Cat Bed Included!
This Board is driving me crazy!!
See, a little organized!
A little more organized!

I just hung those small wall quilts this weekend, they were laying in a pile, just waiting!

Top of the sewing table, a new wicker organizer from the Goodwill
Containers stacked up in the corner near the shelf
Closet with one chest of sewing supplies, another with inventory

You can also see some of my shipping supplies on top of the chests.  I use these things daily to get the ribbon and trims shipped out.

A little more of the view of my sewing table, and the corner next to it.

Here is a view of some of my fabric containers.  I have several more, in another room, with my sewing mannequin watching over them for me, (he, he!).

So now you have seen it all, I haven’t held anything back!  All of my dirty little sewing room secrets are revealed, and now I am ready to rock and roll and get this room more functional! Wish me luck!

7 thoughts on “I’m Baring It All

  1. How nice to have literally everything in that one room! I love seeing your creative space, business space and inventory space. Looks like you are quite organized too. I would love to be able to create in that room. Bet it feels good to have everything in its place. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Gosh I think you fit an amazing amount into one room! :D
    Reminds me of my space.. so many things it needs to cater to.
    It’s nice to have a sort… enjoy xx

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