I think that I am obsessed…

no, in love.  That’s it!  My almost favorite (more about this another time) new gadget…..

my ruffler!  I absolutely love this attachment, I can’t stop making ruffles!

First I brought out my scrap/strips of fabric, most of them vintage (in fact all of the fabric in this picture is at least 20 years old).

Then I pressed some of the strips….

Most of the strips are 1″ wide, a few are 2″ and many are random.  These are some of the vintage pieces that I stripped a long time ago for other long forgotten projects.

And then I just started making ruffles!  Some have raw edges, some are folded in half and have a finished edge.  I just couldn’t stop!

What am I going to do with them?  Stay tuned in, more to follow…………



3 thoughts on “I think that I am obsessed…

  1. I wonder if I have one of these. Would be fun to try. Can’t wait to see what you’re doing with ruffles! I’ve only used them as edges on pillow covers and for trim on valances for our kitchen and my sewing room.

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