Crafty Idea: Chalkboard Lids

I am always looking for creative ways to keep myself organized, that don’t take a lot of my time.  I love to collect jars that I can use anywhere in the house.  Since it’s canning season here, when I was looking at all of the jars I have collected, I decided that I would take some of my quilted jelly jars, and make good use of them.

One way I came up with is to use them to store some of the items that I need to get to quickly, in my sewing room.  I decided to make chalkboard lids to put on them.  This way, if I stacked them away in a box or drawer, I could write on the tops and see immediately what I have in them.

First locate the size of jars you want to put lids on.  If you are using canning jars and they are wide mouth, you will need wide mouth lids and bands, these are regular, so I used regular size lids and bands..  You can generally pick these up in grocery stores, and any stores that carry canning supplies. If you are using other jars that have lids already, use those.

I used Krylon chalkboard spray paint, which I found at my local Wal-Mart.

I set my bands (or you may call them rings) on a small 2 x 4 piece of wood to raise them up and make them easier to spray.  Please use a well ventilated room.  This was in my garage. I just laid the lids on a piece of newspaper.

Quick and easy storage!  These jars with the chalkboard lids are also great for use in the office, bathroom, or anywhere you can use some organization.

Leave me a comment and tell me where you would use them………

One thought on “Crafty Idea: Chalkboard Lids

  1. What a cool idea! I didn’t know you could buy chalkboard spray paint. How fun to experiment with that. Your storage containers are awesome with these customizable labels.

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