Crafty Idea: Baby Washcloths

Looking for a quick and easy gift idea for a baby shower, or just to add something special to a baby gift? How about some cute baby washcloths!

I don’t have time for too many projects that take too much time to do lately, so when I found a tutorial  over at Zaaberry, to make these sweet baby washcloths, I knew this was it.

I only made a couple, but it takes no time at all, following her tutorial, to make several of these sweet and soft washcloths.

There are a couple of things that I did differently, and that’s because I am always looking for a shortcut.  That’s what happens when you never have enough time in a day, lol!

Where she made a template to use for her sewing line (and a wonderful idea she has to use old file folders!), I used a 6″ square ruler to draw mine.

I use a water-soluble marking pen to draw my line. Don’t forget to leave yourself an opening….I almost did!

When I was done sewing around each one, I clipped the corners before turning. I didn’t clip my seams, because I thought that having the seam allowance larger would keep them from coming apart of a lot of use. After turning the cloth right side out, I pressed it with an iron.

I then edge-stitched about 1/4″ from the edge.  This also closes the opening.  That’s it!

So, so easy! 

I just used remnants of some chenille and flannel that I had on hand to make these.  What a great idea! I think that I will make some more with cotton on the top now.

Thanks for stopping by, and stop over at Zaaberry for tons more inspiration!

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