Crafty Project: Covered Buttons

I love doing covered buttons.  They allow you to add a unique touch to your projects, and are so easy to do!

I thought it would be fun to make a few for some fall and winter crafts.  The buttons come in a wide variety of sizes and are generally sold as a kit, which means that you receive everything that you need, except the material.

You generally receive two types of backs, one with a shank to use as a button, and a plain back so that you can use them to make jewelry or other accessories.

I gathered up a couple of different Halloween fabrics that I thought would make cute buttons to use on tote bags. First I place the clear plastic template (they didn’t use to have this template, you had to cut out a piece of cardboard, great improvement!) over a part of the printed fabric that I wanted to show on the button.

I drew around the template, then cut it out.

Place the fabric, right side down, into the soft plastic cup.  Center your piece of fabric so it lays evenly inside.

Then place the rounded side of the button front inside.  Finger press the fabric edges into the center of the button front.

It should look like this orange one.  Then place the back that you have selected on the top.  Make sure that all of the edges of the fabric are tucked underneath.

Press down.  You can use the tool that they provide (the round blue item), but I found on these large buttons, that I didn’t need it.

Here it is!  So cute!  So I did more….

You can take all of your scraps now, and make all types of buttons or jewelry, or magnets.  Whatever your imagination can dream up!  And this is a great idea for kids!

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  1. Great tutorial! I have always wanted to try this, but never really knew where to start. You make it look so easy and charming with the fun prints you chose. Thanks for putting this together.

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