Crafty Idea: Christmas Towels

I know that it is a little early, but I thought that I would get a start on doing a few small projects so that I  have a nice little handmade gift on hand for those unexpected guests  or people who I would like to give a little something to during the Christmas holiday season. And face it, there is never enough time during the holidays to do everything that we would like.

Today I decided to make some Christmas towels.  They are so handy to use to line a basket with food gifts, or as a little extra for a teacher or neighbor with their favorite cookies.  And you can whip up a few in no time.

The supplies that you need are as follows:

  • bar towels – I had white ones and red ones.  Any small towels will work.  Note:  wash and dry towels before embellishing them.
  • Jelly roll strips (you can also use yardage that you cut yourself, fat quarters, whatever you have on hand.) The set that I used was Moda, Ready Set Snow by Me & My Sister Designs
  • scrap pieces of rick rack and ribbon

For the white, blue and apple green towels I did two different things.  The first towel I took one of the jelly roll strips and ran a basting stitch down the middle.  I then gathered the ruffle to the width of the towel.  I folded the ends under, so the edges would have a finished look.  I then place a piece of apple green rick rack down the center, and stitched both to the towel.  I then removed the basting stitch.  Note:  when adding any ribbon, rick rack or any other trim, make sure you fold the ends under with the ruffle so that the ends don’t ravel.

The second towel, I just took a jelly roll strip and cut it to the width of the towel, plus 1/2″ so that I could fold the edges in 1/4″.  I then sewed down each side edge.  Next I pinned the ribbon along the top edge of the fabric, making sure that the ribbon ends were folded under, and stitched it on, making sure that I stitched both edges down, covering the raw edges of the fabric. Repeat the same process on the lower edge of the fabric.

Next I made these two red towels.  These were both made the same way.  I took one strip of the jelly roll fabric for each one.  I folded them in half, along the width, so that they measured 1 1/4″ deep (and there was a folded edge on the bottom).  I then gathered each piece into a ruffle (you can do this with a ruffle attachment or by hand.) I machine sewed them onto the bottom edge of the towel, making sure that I folded the ends of the ruffled fabric under on each end.  I then attached a piece of ribbon, by sewing along the top and bottom edges of the ribbon, covering the top raw edge of the ruffle.

That’s it!  An easy way to start getting ready for the holidays.  You might make some for yourself as well!

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  1. Such fun projects! I have one of your towels from our exchange last year. Such a nice personal touch when gift giving. And you make it look so easy to whip up a few varieties.

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