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I have been spending a fair amount of time lately looking for local wholesale resources for my fabric.  I purchase full bolts of the fabrics that I use large amounts of . These are a few bolts of ticking, toweling and a red dotted cotton that I love with the ticking!


Yesterday I spent the day down in Portland, Oregon.  I have been picking up my toweling fabric and some of my ticking from Fabric Depot.  I love their store, and I thought that I would share some pictures with you.


Yes, they are large!


I have been coming down here for awhile and I love just browsing the latest lines of fabrics out.


This store is a quilters dream!  Although they have tons of other craft items, patterns, home decor, a wonderful yarn section, etc.


I just snapped a few pictures of the lovely selection of cottons!  And they were having a sale of 30% off of everything this week. They also do mail order, just a FYI!


I try to refrain (which is not easy!), and stick to the wholesale department.  You can pick up whole bolts of fabric, provided that they have it in stock, for 40% off of the regular cost.  They also are very happy to special order for you!

The bolts of ticking I picked up at another wholesaler that I found, E. E. Schenck Company.  I’ll share pictures of them, and the wonderful warehouse they have, (and all of the fabric and goodies available) in another post. I spent about 2 hours just soaking it all in!

If you’re ever in Portland, Oregon, you have to make a stop at Fabric Depot!

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