The Stitchin’ Chicken

Hi, welcome to the Stitchin’ Chicken Blog.

This is the place you will find everything going on with The Stitchin’ Chicken.

The Stitchin’ Chicken is a handmade shop, bringing you casual, fun products that are created by me.  I hope that you find the products that I make, something that adds warmth and comfort to your home.

I will be posting here about new items added to the shop and updates about sales and events.

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You can visit The Stitchin’ Chicken shop here:

I hope to see you soon!



3 thoughts on “About The Stitchin’ Chicken

  1. Hi Cheryl

    thank you so much for having a look at my blog! Being a newbie blogger I am thrilled about every comment and new viewer I get!
    I had a browse through your blog as well and your work is great. I love the flower tutorial – I will definitely try it.


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