All Sparkly and Glittery….

This isn’t my usual.  I’m not really a glitz and sparkle kind of a girl, but I couldn’t resist this…..

Glitter Eyelash Yarn

It kind of reminds me of Christmas tinsel garland, but it’s not.  It’s called ‘Glitter Eyelash Yarn’.

It’s from Martha Stewart’s craft and yarn line.  Now I don’t knit (although it is something I would love to learn, maybe this is the year), or really crochet.  But I couldn’t resist the colors…

Look at the tiny, tiny yarn, and it’s so soft!  With some other holidays on the horizon (yes, I am thinking ahead!), I have a couple of ideas….

You’ll see more of this in the near future!

Enjoy your day, and thanks for coming by!


Christmas in July Crafty Links – Ornaments

It is getting close to that time of the year again!  Since we all tend to get so rushed during the Christmas holidays, with school programs, events at church and with family, it becomes stressful and it is so hard to get everything done that we would like to do.  Especially if we like to make some of our gifts, or bake, or make cards and decorations.  And it’s so nice to be able to include the whole family when we do these things.  So I decided that this year I would start posting up some links each week so you can get started on some of those fun things you like to do.  I will also be adding the links to these posts to my Christmas page so that they will be easy to find.

(Note Update:  I have eliminated my Christmas page, too many formatting problems!  I have added a list of links in my sidebar, on the right.  You can access any of my Christmas in July or Handmade Christmas posts from 2010 there.  Thank you!)

Christmas Ornaments To Make @ BHG

Here is a link from Better Homes and Gardens for some Christmas ornaments.

Here is an easy jingle bell and jute string ornaments.  Cute and easy for kids to do!

Jingle Bell Wreath

This Jingle Bell Wreath is so cute, and will keep the kids entertained for awhile!  Use ribbon, rick rack, yarn or whatever you have on hand to hang it and for the bow below.  Be creative!

BHG Christmas Ornaments

Here are some more Christmas ornaments to make from Better Homes and Gardens.  They have so many pretty ones!

Pom Pom Snowman - Martha

This Pom Pom Snowman from Martha Stewart .com is one of my favorite!  I have the instructions for this in one of my books, and he is adorable!

Button Ornaments - Martha

These button ornaments are so adorable!  And the perfect way to use up some of those buttons in your stash!

She has many, many more ornaments to make.  Just click here and it will take you to a slide show where you can choose from a wide variety of ornaments.  Some of them are made from candy, so you probably don’t want to attempt them until you are closer to Christmas (or they’ll get eaten too!)

Michael’s Crafts has a selection of several very cute ornaments.  Just click here to go to their ornament page.

This selection should get you going!  I will be posting about other projects and ornaments that I find along the way, and I will add them to my Christmas page.

Have fun!

Do You Do Embroidery?

I have noticed over the past couple of years that there has been a renewed interest in embroidery.  I have always loved to do embroidery, and it so wonderful to see so many new ideas and books coming out.

Some Embroidery Supplies

Embroidery was one of the first ‘crafts’ that I learned.  When we were elementary school age my mother taught us some embroidery stitches.  One of the first projects we usually did was a hanky.  We always had one that we carried in our pocket or our little purses!  Unfortunately I don’t have any of those any more. But I would like to share a few embroidered and stitched items that I either did myself, or purchased from others.

I made this for my oldest son’s room when I was pregnant with him..

Baby Dresser Scarf

I took a piece of white broadcloth and applied an iron-on transfer for the ducks to embroider.  I then hemmed the edges and added some eyelet lace to each end.  I used it in the nursery for all three of my kids.  This is something that I’m saving in my cedar chest so that if one of them want it for their babies, it will be in reasonable condition.

I also did counted cross-stitch, and made this little bear riding on a goose for my daughter’s room.  I used pink and pale green for the bows because those were the colors she liked.

Counted Cross-Stitch Bear

I have collected a few scarves from garage sales that were hand stitched as well.  This one here was for my daughter’s room.  Note the pink and green cross stitches.

Here is one I just picked up last month, I thought I would use it in my guest room, which I am doing in pastels and cottage style decorating.  There are a few minor stains, that don’t really show.

Garage Sale Find
Check out the French Knots!

I also want to share a cross stitch sampler that I did.  It was also a kit, which I picked up at a stitching party in the 1980’s. You can see that parts of the picture are printed on.

These stitching kit parties were pretty popular and sold all types of  kits for cross stitch, needlepoint, counted cross stitch and various other needle crafts. This on is just waiting for me to frame it.  I just finished the sampler last fall!  I kept it in my desk at work and worked on it during lunch breaks (which were obviously few and far between! lol!).

Cross Stitch Sampler

I see embroidery being used in quilts, clothing and on all types of crafts now.  It really is a way that you can add your own personal touch to your crafts. And makes a wonderful take-along project!

French Knots on a Sunflower Bag I Made

If you are interested in learning how to do embroidery, Bari J. is posting how-to videos over at her blog, We Love French Knots! You can also catch her on Facebook, We Love French Knots Facebook page.

Here are a few more links for patterns, supplies and to learn how to do hand embroidery:

Stitching YouTube video – How to Embroider.

How to Embroider website:  How-to’s for several types of embroidery/hand stitching.

Urban Threads :  Hand embroidery patterns and how-to.

TaDa! Creations:  Embroidery tutorial

These are just a few links.  There are a limitless number books and tutorials out on the web.

Thanks for stopping by!


Quick and Easy 4th of July Decoration

When I was living in Arizona, I didn’t have any place to put up a flag pole holder, so I came up with other ideas to show my support and display a flag.

I made this flag banner and this wreath and put it up for July 4th, and Memorial Day, every patriotic holiday.

Well here in Washington, I have a place to hang my flag out, but I still like the flag banner and the wreath, so I am still going to use them.  Only the wreath has seen better days! So I took everything off of the wreath, and started fresh, looking around the house for things I could use on it.

I found that I still had 3 small flags stashed in my crafting supplies, I have ribbon from my shop, and the wreath.  First I had to do some repair and cleanup on the wreath, the Arizona sun is hard on natural elements like vines and wood.  Remove dried hot glue, and some additional repair to the vines.

Then I placed the flags around the wreath, tucking the poles into the vines to help hold them.  I used hot glue to secure the poles and parts of the flags, since this was going to go outside.

I then took the ribbon, I used 3 yards of 1/4″ width grosgrain in red, white and royal blue (note that a wider width would have had more impact and shown up a little better, it depends upon the look you want to get). I started at the bottom, that’s where I wanted to tie a bow, and wrapped it around the wreath, placing it around the flags.  When I got to the bottom, I tied all of the ribbon in a knot, then made the bow.  I placed a bit of hot glue into the knotted area of the bow to hold the ribbon together.

You can see how I wrapped the ribbon in this picture.  After I did the bow, I spread out the three pieces of ribbon so that the red, white and blue were more visible.  I cut the ends at a slant, making them a little uneven as well.

I took a scrap of the ribbon and tied a loop on the top of the back of the wreath to use to hang it.

And there you have it!  Easy as can be!  This is so simple, and you can do so many other things to decorate a wreath for your July 4th celebration. Just look around and see what you have on hand.

I just can’t decide, should I hang it on the side of the house between the garage doors (so we can see it coming in the driveway)

Or, hang it by the front door on the porch? hmmmmm…………

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Inspiration Found!

I have had so many ideas of things that I would like to make lately.  I have even had thoughts of finishing some of my old projects!  Like a few quilts that I started quilting about a year or so ago, and never finished…….we won’t dwell on that one too much! It will be a surprise, shhhh!

So I pulled out my lace drawer, the one with piles of lace all wound together in it…

A lot of the lace in here is from wayyyyy back, and it is now considered vintage!  Yes, that means that I am vintage too. wink, wink.  You see, some of my ideas include some of the eyelet and small woven lace I have in here. At least in my mind!  I really needed to see if it was still here.

So I started going through and winding up some of the lace into little bundles, no reason to not be organized about it..

And this is what I found…

some varying sizes of flat eyelet,

some doubled eyelet,

there is gathered eyelet, and edged and gathered ruffles, miscellaneous embroidered trims,

and some dainty lace edgings and crochet lace edgings.  All waiting to become my next project.

I think that I am ready now.

Thanks for looking!

Spring Hearts

I have been busy moving my sewing room, yes the one I was just setting up in my new home on the 2nd floor, to a room on the 1st floor.  I had to paint, and move boxes that are still being emptied, and I still don’t have all of my fabric down there.  But for the most part it is functional.  I will give you a peak in another post.  For now, I want to share a small project I did today.

This is my stash of scraps.  I’m sure yours is the same, strips from squaring up fabric and other small pieces that are too large to throw away…….

Not very organized I know!  It actually did start out organized at one point, but this is where we are today….maybe another day.  So on with the story, I keep looking at this container full of a lot of small strips and pieces, and I keep telling myself that some day I am going to do something fun with them.  Well, today must have been the day.  And I hardly made a dent!

This is what I made.  As I was going through my sewing and crafts containers and boxes, I came across some metal heart frames.

You can see here that I had three of these metal heart frames.  I used the small one above, and still have the double heart, and large heart below ready and waiting!

I have been storing these hearts for years.  Way, way back, in the ’80’s (so I am giving my age away)  these wire forms were pretty popular.  We sewed  strips of fabric into tubes that we slipped on these wire forms. We gathered them up so that there was a large amount of fabric bunched together, and formed a wreath.  Instead of using them that way, I decided to make a rag heart wreath from my stash of light spring colors.  It was a fairly quick project, and didn’t require any sewing.

I am very pleased with the end result.  I think that this is such a cute wreath for spring, Mother’s Day, or to use in a baby’s room.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing, take care!

Handmade Ornaments Links


Vintage Felt Stocking Ornament

Only 17 weeks until Christmas!!!  OK, don’t panic, but there is ONLY 17 WEEKS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!

It’s time to start getting some of those handmade presents and Christmas ornaments and home decorations made, if you haven’t started yet.  I know that every year I think that I will get everything done and I am always working on something at the last minute.  I thought I would put together links to some ideas to get you started (ok, to get me started too!)

The Better Homes and Gardens website has some beautiful ornaments to make.

Martha Stewart’s website always has some wonderful and creative ornaments.

Here is a recipe to use with kids to make dough ornaments.

Ideas for taking things around the house and making them into ornaments.

Here is a link of fun ornaments that can be made with the kids, inexpensively.

There are several links here, for the TLC channel, of various themes of Christmas ornaments for you to choose from. They have western, victorian, country, kid themes and more.

Here is a link that has a lot of ornaments that would be great to do with kids.

Link for a quilted ball ornament.

Link for a beaded crochet snowflake.

Link for some cute ornaments that are pet related, for baby, breast cancer awareness ribbon and a peace sign.

Cute crochet snowman ornament.

Here is a cute mitten ornament from oliver + S.

Some cute primitive country ornaments.

Homemade Angel Christmas Tree Ornament.

Several more sewn ornaments (a variety).

Fabric star ornament.

Here is a fabric scrap ball, a great way to use up those little scraps from your quilting projects.

For some fun and interesting reading, here is a link to some History of the Christmas Ornament.

This should get you (I mean us) going for now!  I will be adding more links as I find them, so check back for more!

Next week I will post some tutorials for items that would make wonderful gifts!

Thanks for stopping by!


Edit:  I will be posting the new links down here:

Crochet Christmas Ornaments from CraftStylish.