Beautiful Blue Table Runners!!


Blue is such a wonderfully relaxing and comforting color!  No matter where you live, it can remind you of the sky, the water, a relaxing day at a spa. Blue will work in any environment.

These pretty blue table runners are made from a wonderful soft and nubby 100% cotton fabric that is reminescent of old fashioned grainsacks. Just added to the shop, these wonderful runners are a great way to add color and warmth to your home for the spring and summer months.

If you are in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area, stop by Vintage and Vino in Queencreek May 18 & 19 and see them in person.  I’ll have some available for you there!




Fabric Shopping

I have been spending a fair amount of time lately looking for local wholesale resources for my fabric.  I purchase full bolts of the fabrics that I use large amounts of . These are a few bolts of ticking, toweling and a red dotted cotton that I love with the ticking!


Yesterday I spent the day down in Portland, Oregon.  I have been picking up my toweling fabric and some of my ticking from Fabric Depot.  I love their store, and I thought that I would share some pictures with you.


Yes, they are large!


I have been coming down here for awhile and I love just browsing the latest lines of fabrics out.


This store is a quilters dream!  Although they have tons of other craft items, patterns, home decor, a wonderful yarn section, etc.


I just snapped a few pictures of the lovely selection of cottons!  And they were having a sale of 30% off of everything this week. They also do mail order, just a FYI!


I try to refrain (which is not easy!), and stick to the wholesale department.  You can pick up whole bolts of fabric, provided that they have it in stock, for 40% off of the regular cost.  They also are very happy to special order for you!

The bolts of ticking I picked up at another wholesaler that I found, E. E. Schenck Company.  I’ll share pictures of them, and the wonderful warehouse they have, (and all of the fabric and goodies available) in another post. I spent about 2 hours just soaking it all in!

If you’re ever in Portland, Oregon, you have to make a stop at Fabric Depot!

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Home Interests and Creativity

I have noticed that everything that I do these days seems to be related to my home.  I guess that comes with having to get a house ready to sell, and then moving into another one.  The nesting instinct has kicked in. So I guess that it’s no wonder that everything that I have been making has something to do with the home as well!  It doesn’t matter if it is something that I have made for my shop, or myself.

Vintage Doily Pillow

I’ve been stocking the shop with some pillows, and of course I have fit in one or two for myself…

One for You and One for Me!

I kind of feel like I have been doing a ‘one for you and one for me’ here!

And I have made a ton of fabric baskets in all types of fabrics and sizes…

I have been having a blast stenciling on the burlap and making some of my coffee buckets again.  Only this time, I made them a little differently so I could use the blue pillow ticking.  My original pattern doesn’t work well with the stripes, so I came up with a new pattern, which is actually a little quicker and uses less fabric.  I love the ticking so much, that I also made a hanging pillow with it…

Most of this is in the shop.  The back of this heart is made from a piece of burlap from one of the coffee sacks that I use to make the burlap pillows and buckets that are also in my shop…

I have listed several things in the shop that I used the pillow ticking to make.  I am really enjoying working with these simple, basic materials. I am thinking of combining these with some of my cottons that I have stashed and I am going to be experimenting a little more with my paint, stencils, flour sack towels and the pillow ticking. Sometimes just getting back to simple materials is all it takes to get my creative juices flowing!

Vintage Flour Sack and Ticking Bag

Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing!




Spring Hearts

I have been busy moving my sewing room, yes the one I was just setting up in my new home on the 2nd floor, to a room on the 1st floor.  I had to paint, and move boxes that are still being emptied, and I still don’t have all of my fabric down there.  But for the most part it is functional.  I will give you a peak in another post.  For now, I want to share a small project I did today.

This is my stash of scraps.  I’m sure yours is the same, strips from squaring up fabric and other small pieces that are too large to throw away…….

Not very organized I know!  It actually did start out organized at one point, but this is where we are today….maybe another day.  So on with the story, I keep looking at this container full of a lot of small strips and pieces, and I keep telling myself that some day I am going to do something fun with them.  Well, today must have been the day.  And I hardly made a dent!

This is what I made.  As I was going through my sewing and crafts containers and boxes, I came across some metal heart frames.

You can see here that I had three of these metal heart frames.  I used the small one above, and still have the double heart, and large heart below ready and waiting!

I have been storing these hearts for years.  Way, way back, in the ’80’s (so I am giving my age away)  these wire forms were pretty popular.  We sewed  strips of fabric into tubes that we slipped on these wire forms. We gathered them up so that there was a large amount of fabric bunched together, and formed a wreath.  Instead of using them that way, I decided to make a rag heart wreath from my stash of light spring colors.  It was a fairly quick project, and didn’t require any sewing.

I am very pleased with the end result.  I think that this is such a cute wreath for spring, Mother’s Day, or to use in a baby’s room.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing, take care!

Coming Along………….

I am so excited, I have been able to start sewing again!  My sewing has been geared to my Etsy shop, but just being able to sit down at my sewing machine and make something is wonderful!

With Easter right around the corner, and spring on my mind, I decided to make some things that connect to both.  I love this little bunny!  She is only 6″ total, when standing.  Her arms and legs are attached with embroidery floss, so you can adjust them.

I have made a few of the fabric baskets, one small one (which is sold already) and a couple of medium ones.  The pastel and floral fabrics are so uplifting this time of the year.

I have to admit that I used some of my favorite fabrics in these!  It just makes me feel great looking at them!……..and it helps that the sun is shining today too!

I think that I am about ready to start working on pillows or some small quilts, and then move on to larger projects (or maybe finishing some of my old ones???)

Thanks so much for stopping by… enjoy your day!



Christmas in the Mail!

I received my swap goodies from the ornament swap that I participated in during July!  What a wonderful package of goodies!

A box full of wrapped up goodies!

There is a wonderful Christmas ornament, you can see it in the lower front of the picture right above,

Here is a look unwrapped…..

It is absolutely beautiful!  I appreciate all of the work that went into piecing this…

I can’t wait to see it on my tree!  I know that I will cherish this for many years to come.

And if the ornament wasn’t enough on its own, look at these other wonderful goodies…  there are some vintage buttons (one of my favorite things!!), a sweet cat bookmark (and I love cats and books, both), and some Pear and Blackberry drops, my mouth waters just looking at the tin, some fruit flavored tea (which I think will be wonderful iced, I will be trying that this weekend), an assortment of cards to create and decorate which include book marks and bag tags, and some wonderful rooster fabric~

Look at these panels,there are ten of them.  They are so colorful, a quilted wall hanging for my new home in Washington comes to mind immediately!

Thank you so much Janet for the wonderful package!

PS:  I believe that the vintage buttons may end up on the wall quilt with the roosters!

Up and Running!

The juices are flowing, and off we go!  It has been awhile since I was really able to just sit down and sew for more than just a few minutes.  I have a few projects going now, a couple of them have been cut out and started for awhile.  I guess that you could (maybe) call them UFO’s?!

Moda Hello Betty Retro fabrics

I purchased this Hello Betty Retro jellyroll before Christmas and was so excited to get going on a patchwork project.  I actually started this awhile ago.  I have 21 9-patchwork blocks done.  I plan on framing each block of 9 patches, just like the orange one above, and then adding borders to connect each of those blocks.  I think that I will be doing a table runner and a couple of pillows with these blocks.

Here is a closer look at the strips.  I love the colors!

I absolutely love this fabric from Tina Givens called Fairy Tip-Toes.

Tina Givens - fairy tip-toes

I have been trying to decide what to make with it, and yesterday it just hit me, what wonderful fabric for a spring tote bag!

Here are the beginnings, actually I am a little farther than this, but should have it done within the next day (if all goes well, lol!)

I also started another bag with this fabric, right after Christmas…..

I love the pale blue paisley, and the small polka dots!  This will be a farmer’s market bag.

I have several fabrics all prepped and ready to cut out various farmer’s market totes and bags (I’ll show you the difference between the totes and bags later) and a few more spring fabric baskets.

Nothing like spring to get you energized and going again!

Take care, and thanks for taking the time to stop by!