Crafty Idea: Christmas Towels

I know that it is a little early, but I thought that I would get a start on doing a few small projects so that I  have a nice little handmade gift on hand for those unexpected guests  or people who I would like to give a little something to during the Christmas holiday season. And face it, there is never enough time during the holidays to do everything that we would like.

Today I decided to make some Christmas towels.  They are so handy to use to line a basket with food gifts, or as a little extra for a teacher or neighbor with their favorite cookies.  And you can whip up a few in no time.

The supplies that you need are as follows:

  • bar towels – I had white ones and red ones.  Any small towels will work.  Note:  wash and dry towels before embellishing them.
  • Jelly roll strips (you can also use yardage that you cut yourself, fat quarters, whatever you have on hand.) The set that I used was Moda, Ready Set Snow by Me & My Sister Designs
  • scrap pieces of rick rack and ribbon

For the white, blue and apple green towels I did two different things.  The first towel I took one of the jelly roll strips and ran a basting stitch down the middle.  I then gathered the ruffle to the width of the towel.  I folded the ends under, so the edges would have a finished look.  I then place a piece of apple green rick rack down the center, and stitched both to the towel.  I then removed the basting stitch.  Note:  when adding any ribbon, rick rack or any other trim, make sure you fold the ends under with the ruffle so that the ends don’t ravel.

The second towel, I just took a jelly roll strip and cut it to the width of the towel, plus 1/2″ so that I could fold the edges in 1/4″.  I then sewed down each side edge.  Next I pinned the ribbon along the top edge of the fabric, making sure that the ribbon ends were folded under, and stitched it on, making sure that I stitched both edges down, covering the raw edges of the fabric. Repeat the same process on the lower edge of the fabric.

Next I made these two red towels.  These were both made the same way.  I took one strip of the jelly roll fabric for each one.  I folded them in half, along the width, so that they measured 1 1/4″ deep (and there was a folded edge on the bottom).  I then gathered each piece into a ruffle (you can do this with a ruffle attachment or by hand.) I machine sewed them onto the bottom edge of the towel, making sure that I folded the ends of the ruffled fabric under on each end.  I then attached a piece of ribbon, by sewing along the top and bottom edges of the ribbon, covering the top raw edge of the ruffle.

That’s it!  An easy way to start getting ready for the holidays.  You might make some for yourself as well!

Thanks for stopping by!

Time to Party!!!

I have to say that I have some of the most creative customers at Creative Trims, they come to me with the greatest crafting ideas! I really get to use my imagination helping them gather the ribbons that they need to make so many different and wonderful projects.  I want to share the latest project right here with you.

Jessica sent me this picture of the sweetest birthday hat!  I helped her gather the ribbon together so that she could make this for her little girl’s birthday.  I thought that it was so sweet, that I decided to make one so that I could show you some variation of this project.  Now mine is just not nearly as cute as this one, but I was just trying to get the steps into place.  I made mine for the celebration of our nation’s birthday, July 4th.

As you can see, I made this one a little simpler.  But it will give you the idea of what we came up with.  We did a few things different for hers, than what the upper picture shows.  But use your imagination, there are so many possibilities!

First gather your supplies:

Party hats
Glue – I used Fabri-Tac
Hole Punch

Then gather together your ribbon.  You only need yardage if you are making a lot of hats, exactly the same.  I have gather all red, white and blue, and most of the pieces are less than 1 yard.  You could also use the same color scheme and make each hat differently.  Make sure that you have ribbons that are different widths and textures for variety.

First I punched a hole in the top of the hat.  This is where you will tie on the ribbons.  I also removed the elastic strings so that I could add some ribbon ties to the hat.  Don’t remove the elastic unless you are going to add the ties.

Start cutting your ribbons and layering them on top of each other.  I just did slanted cuts, but you can do pinked edges, or a V-cut, whatever you prefer. I just guessed on a length for the ribbon.  If you want it to be a softer look, you may want them longer so they hang down a little more.  I cut each successive ribbon about 1/2″ shorter than the one it laid upon.

After you add as many ribbon layers you want, turn your stack over and lay it on the ribbon you will be tying them on with.  I used a 1/8″ satin ribbon here.  The first hat had a 3/8″ organza ribbon.  It’s up to you.  The organza will be a softer look, I was looking for a ‘fireworks’ look.

Then tie it on the top of the hat.  I slipped each side through the hole, one on each side:

I then pulled them through and around and tied them on the top into a knot.  You can also add a dab of glue to hold the ribbon in place if you would like.

Softer ribbon will be easier to tie on, and will drape more.

I then added some ties where the elastic string was:

I tied a knot in the ribbon, insert it through the holes on the sides and taped it in.  You could also add some glue to hold the ribbon better. I then tied a knot in the bottom end of the ribbon as well.

I attached some rick rack on this hat, around the base.  It only took a dab of glue every few inches.  The birthday hat has some ruffled organza ribbon attached to the bottom. If you cannot locate ruffled organza, take some wide (at least 1 1/2″) organza ribbon and do a basting stitch up the center of a piece of ribbon at least double the lenth of the measurement around the hat.  You can hand or machine baste the ribbon.  Then pull and gather the ribbon, and glue in place.

There you have it!

A special party hat for any celebration, that can be individualized for each recipient! And at a fraction of the price of purchasing them.

I hope that you found some inspiration and enjoy this project!


All Sparkly and Glittery….

This isn’t my usual.  I’m not really a glitz and sparkle kind of a girl, but I couldn’t resist this…..

Glitter Eyelash Yarn

It kind of reminds me of Christmas tinsel garland, but it’s not.  It’s called ‘Glitter Eyelash Yarn’.

It’s from Martha Stewart’s craft and yarn line.  Now I don’t knit (although it is something I would love to learn, maybe this is the year), or really crochet.  But I couldn’t resist the colors…

Look at the tiny, tiny yarn, and it’s so soft!  With some other holidays on the horizon (yes, I am thinking ahead!), I have a couple of ideas….

You’ll see more of this in the near future!

Enjoy your day, and thanks for coming by!


And it Glistened Like it was Covered with New Fallen Snow……

I have had an idea in my head, you know, one of those that keeps showing up, until you do something about it… Well, here is the result…

This little white, glittering item, a rustic and simple Christmas tree.  Made from wool felt, which I love!!  But I really pictured it on a little stand, which may make it look a little more like a tree than a stuffed triangle?? I even thought about a vintage wood thread spool that I have, it’s about 2″ tall, and it even has some gray thread on it, which looks kind of nice with the wool and the silver edging on the organza ribbon.

I love the organza bow on top, and the size of the tree is pretty nice too, but something just seems to be missing, just a little….

And the glitter came out alright too.  Hmmmm, I will have to think about this one.  What do you think? And don’t worry about hurting my feelings, some input would be wonderul!

I’ll be back….



Handmade Christmas – Gifts for Men

I thought that I would start with gift ideas for men.  I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to find unique gift ideas to make for the men in my life. So better start now!  LOL!

Here is what I have come up with so far (and I will add more as I come across some good ideas).  I hope that you find something that you will like to make, or get inspiration from one of these projects:

Applique Baseball Pillow from BHG.  Perfect for that Sports fan! Put his favorite team name on it!

How about some handmade soap scented with his favorite scent?  Here is a tutorial from Rachel over at Small Notebook that is for beginners.  The perfect thing to learn while there is still plenty of time!  And you may decide to make plenty for others on your list as well! (I can’t wait to make some!)

Personalized Towels.  This is a nice way to take a towel in his favorite color and personalize it as a one of a kind gift.  A great idea to make if you have several men and boys that you need gifts for!  Also works as a last minute gift idea!

How about a Blue Jeans Quilt? Over at there is a pattern that tells you step by step and has diagrams that are very helpful.  A great way to recycle those old jeans!

Here’s a peanut brittle that is sure to please!  From the Food Network, Alton Brown shares a yummy recipe!

Here is a how-to from Martha Stewart for no-sew slipper socks.  Boy these look great!  Easy to make for all of the men on your list!

Or how about this easy belt rack to help him keep organized in the closet? (OK, I know, boring….but it could be appreciated!) Maybe add a couple of new belts?

Here is a how-to to knit a scarf for your favorite guy!  You can customize it by selecting his favorite color, or using a yarn of your choice.  Sure to be appreciated by men of all ages!

I hope that you will find some ideas here that help you get a start on your Christmas gifts.

Take care, and thanks for stopping by!


Christmas in July Crafty Links – Ornaments

It is getting close to that time of the year again!  Since we all tend to get so rushed during the Christmas holidays, with school programs, events at church and with family, it becomes stressful and it is so hard to get everything done that we would like to do.  Especially if we like to make some of our gifts, or bake, or make cards and decorations.  And it’s so nice to be able to include the whole family when we do these things.  So I decided that this year I would start posting up some links each week so you can get started on some of those fun things you like to do.  I will also be adding the links to these posts to my Christmas page so that they will be easy to find.

(Note Update:  I have eliminated my Christmas page, too many formatting problems!  I have added a list of links in my sidebar, on the right.  You can access any of my Christmas in July or Handmade Christmas posts from 2010 there.  Thank you!)

Christmas Ornaments To Make @ BHG

Here is a link from Better Homes and Gardens for some Christmas ornaments.

Here is an easy jingle bell and jute string ornaments.  Cute and easy for kids to do!

Jingle Bell Wreath

This Jingle Bell Wreath is so cute, and will keep the kids entertained for awhile!  Use ribbon, rick rack, yarn or whatever you have on hand to hang it and for the bow below.  Be creative!

BHG Christmas Ornaments

Here are some more Christmas ornaments to make from Better Homes and Gardens.  They have so many pretty ones!

Pom Pom Snowman - Martha

This Pom Pom Snowman from Martha Stewart .com is one of my favorite!  I have the instructions for this in one of my books, and he is adorable!

Button Ornaments - Martha

These button ornaments are so adorable!  And the perfect way to use up some of those buttons in your stash!

She has many, many more ornaments to make.  Just click here and it will take you to a slide show where you can choose from a wide variety of ornaments.  Some of them are made from candy, so you probably don’t want to attempt them until you are closer to Christmas (or they’ll get eaten too!)

Michael’s Crafts has a selection of several very cute ornaments.  Just click here to go to their ornament page.

This selection should get you going!  I will be posting about other projects and ornaments that I find along the way, and I will add them to my Christmas page.

Have fun!

Quick and Easy 4th of July Decoration

When I was living in Arizona, I didn’t have any place to put up a flag pole holder, so I came up with other ideas to show my support and display a flag.

I made this flag banner and this wreath and put it up for July 4th, and Memorial Day, every patriotic holiday.

Well here in Washington, I have a place to hang my flag out, but I still like the flag banner and the wreath, so I am still going to use them.  Only the wreath has seen better days! So I took everything off of the wreath, and started fresh, looking around the house for things I could use on it.

I found that I still had 3 small flags stashed in my crafting supplies, I have ribbon from my shop, and the wreath.  First I had to do some repair and cleanup on the wreath, the Arizona sun is hard on natural elements like vines and wood.  Remove dried hot glue, and some additional repair to the vines.

Then I placed the flags around the wreath, tucking the poles into the vines to help hold them.  I used hot glue to secure the poles and parts of the flags, since this was going to go outside.

I then took the ribbon, I used 3 yards of 1/4″ width grosgrain in red, white and royal blue (note that a wider width would have had more impact and shown up a little better, it depends upon the look you want to get). I started at the bottom, that’s where I wanted to tie a bow, and wrapped it around the wreath, placing it around the flags.  When I got to the bottom, I tied all of the ribbon in a knot, then made the bow.  I placed a bit of hot glue into the knotted area of the bow to hold the ribbon together.

You can see how I wrapped the ribbon in this picture.  After I did the bow, I spread out the three pieces of ribbon so that the red, white and blue were more visible.  I cut the ends at a slant, making them a little uneven as well.

I took a scrap of the ribbon and tied a loop on the top of the back of the wreath to use to hang it.

And there you have it!  Easy as can be!  This is so simple, and you can do so many other things to decorate a wreath for your July 4th celebration. Just look around and see what you have on hand.

I just can’t decide, should I hang it on the side of the house between the garage doors (so we can see it coming in the driveway)

Or, hang it by the front door on the porch? hmmmmm…………

Thanks for stopping by!