Beautiful Blue Table Runners!!


Blue is such a wonderfully relaxing and comforting color!  No matter where you live, it can remind you of the sky, the water, a relaxing day at a spa. Blue will work in any environment.

These pretty blue table runners are made from a wonderful soft and nubby 100% cotton fabric that is reminescent of old fashioned grainsacks. Just added to the shop, these wonderful runners are a great way to add color and warmth to your home for the spring and summer months.

If you are in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area, stop by Vintage and Vino in Queencreek May 18 & 19 and see them in person.  I’ll have some available for you there!




I’m Baring It All

OK, I am feeling so bad about the situation, that I have to do this.  No one is laying a guilt trip on me, except me. I have been struggling with this, and I have made some improvements, honest I have. But reading these blog posts over at the Quilting Gallery, about organizing your creative/sewing space with Pat Sloan, and looking at all of those wonderfully organized spaces is pushing me to jump right in!  So here it is…….and you might take note, this is also my business space, my warehouse (part of the warehouse that is.  Some inventory is in the hall as you enter! lol!) for all of those Creative Trims ribbons and trims, my shipping space, and my Stitchin’ Chicken space as well…………
Entering the room
The Cutting Table

Along with using this table to cut material, I measure and cut my trims to ship out daily.  Under the table, more inventory and a container of fabric stuffed in there! There are more containers on the right side you can’t see, the legs of the table are in the middle, so I have containers stuffed between them underneath.

Under the Sewing Table - Cat Bed Included!
This Board is driving me crazy!!
See, a little organized!
A little more organized!

I just hung those small wall quilts this weekend, they were laying in a pile, just waiting!

Top of the sewing table, a new wicker organizer from the Goodwill
Containers stacked up in the corner near the shelf
Closet with one chest of sewing supplies, another with inventory

You can also see some of my shipping supplies on top of the chests.  I use these things daily to get the ribbon and trims shipped out.

A little more of the view of my sewing table, and the corner next to it.

Here is a view of some of my fabric containers.  I have several more, in another room, with my sewing mannequin watching over them for me, (he, he!).

So now you have seen it all, I haven’t held anything back!  All of my dirty little sewing room secrets are revealed, and now I am ready to rock and roll and get this room more functional! Wish me luck!

Let’s Do Some Catching Up!

OK, I have been a procrastinator this last year.  Trying to get my hands around all of the changes that have come my way, I think that I have started so many projects that are now setting here incomplete.  I decided that it is time to start finishing up some of them.  And I’m doing it before having to make a New Year’s resolution too! LOL!

I am still working on finishing just a couple of Christmas presents, but I threw in another project that I should have completed a long time ago……..

Wildlife Pillows

I started these wildlife pillows for one of my sons.  They were actually panels that I backed and machine quilted.

Beginning Panels

I have had them in my fabric stash for a long time, I think that they may actually be considered vintage (lol!).  So I cut off the border, selected two of them, and proceeded to quilt them. Since I had them so long I couldn’t match the fabric for the backing, and just plain brown didn’t seem right to me.  I finally came across a brown print this last year, that had most of the colors I was looking for.

Backing with a piece of the border

I added a piece of the border that I had removed from the front, and just made an envelope back closing.

Since his living room is in browns, and he is an avid outdoorsman, I think that these will work great!

One project down, yay! I think I’m on a roll!


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And it Glistened Like it was Covered with New Fallen Snow……

I have had an idea in my head, you know, one of those that keeps showing up, until you do something about it… Well, here is the result…

This little white, glittering item, a rustic and simple Christmas tree.  Made from wool felt, which I love!!  But I really pictured it on a little stand, which may make it look a little more like a tree than a stuffed triangle?? I even thought about a vintage wood thread spool that I have, it’s about 2″ tall, and it even has some gray thread on it, which looks kind of nice with the wool and the silver edging on the organza ribbon.

I love the organza bow on top, and the size of the tree is pretty nice too, but something just seems to be missing, just a little….

And the glitter came out alright too.  Hmmmm, I will have to think about this one.  What do you think? And don’t worry about hurting my feelings, some input would be wonderul!

I’ll be back….



Time for Some Summer Pillows!

Now that the weather here is looking like summer, I decided to start getting the front porch and back deck into habitable shape! lol!  I have had a design for a simple, fun pillow in my head for some time and decided that it would be just the thing to start to brighten things up out there!

I love blue pillow ticking and red cotton fabric together, and I thought that the combination would be perfect to make a pillow for my adirondack chair.  I chose some fabrics from my stash, that have been calling out to me for some time, and chose to just do a simple piecing so that they also stand out on their own.

I know that at least one of these fabrics has been in my stash for almost 30 years!  I keep my fabrics stored away from light, so they have been strong enough that I have been able to keep using them.

I had some heavy weight pillow ticking left over from some other projects I had done, so I got that out, and here you are!

I barely had enough ticking left to do this pillow, so I did some creative thinking to be able to complete the back. I really love how it turned out.  In fact, I love this pillow so much, I decided to make one for my shop.

The difference here is that I used a lighter weight pillow ticking, and made the pillow just slightly larger.  This gave it a little softer look and feel, than the one I made for myself.

I love the red with the blue ticking, it says summer!

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Quick and Easy 4th of July Decoration

When I was living in Arizona, I didn’t have any place to put up a flag pole holder, so I came up with other ideas to show my support and display a flag.

I made this flag banner and this wreath and put it up for July 4th, and Memorial Day, every patriotic holiday.

Well here in Washington, I have a place to hang my flag out, but I still like the flag banner and the wreath, so I am still going to use them.  Only the wreath has seen better days! So I took everything off of the wreath, and started fresh, looking around the house for things I could use on it.

I found that I still had 3 small flags stashed in my crafting supplies, I have ribbon from my shop, and the wreath.  First I had to do some repair and cleanup on the wreath, the Arizona sun is hard on natural elements like vines and wood.  Remove dried hot glue, and some additional repair to the vines.

Then I placed the flags around the wreath, tucking the poles into the vines to help hold them.  I used hot glue to secure the poles and parts of the flags, since this was going to go outside.

I then took the ribbon, I used 3 yards of 1/4″ width grosgrain in red, white and royal blue (note that a wider width would have had more impact and shown up a little better, it depends upon the look you want to get). I started at the bottom, that’s where I wanted to tie a bow, and wrapped it around the wreath, placing it around the flags.  When I got to the bottom, I tied all of the ribbon in a knot, then made the bow.  I placed a bit of hot glue into the knotted area of the bow to hold the ribbon together.

You can see how I wrapped the ribbon in this picture.  After I did the bow, I spread out the three pieces of ribbon so that the red, white and blue were more visible.  I cut the ends at a slant, making them a little uneven as well.

I took a scrap of the ribbon and tied a loop on the top of the back of the wreath to use to hang it.

And there you have it!  Easy as can be!  This is so simple, and you can do so many other things to decorate a wreath for your July 4th celebration. Just look around and see what you have on hand.

I just can’t decide, should I hang it on the side of the house between the garage doors (so we can see it coming in the driveway)

Or, hang it by the front door on the porch? hmmmmm…………

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Handmade Home

After spending many months cleaning, scraping and painting just about everything around the house in preparation of selling, I finally got to enjoy doing some quick (maybe not too quick) sewing projects to pull the house together just a little bit more.

One of those items was this table cover.  It is actually a shower curtain that I cut and hemmed into a circle.  I found one in colors that were fairly neutral, matched my furniture, and was the perfect size to use on this table.  A lot less expensive to do that using upholstery/drapery fabric.

Another project was this slipcover for the loveseat.  I know it’s a little crumpled in this picture, but I used a natural color canvas fabric that I pre-washed.  I actually whipped this together quickly (well, rather quickly) just to get it done before the holidays.  I will probably make another one down the road, but for now, it’s an improvement!

My first slipcover, I really learned a lot!

I also needed something to add a little color in the den, so I used some floral drapery fabric that I had left after making window coverings for the french doors a couple of years ago.

A little hard to see here, but I wanted to give you a quick look.  Pretty simple, yet it really added to the room.

This is what the french doors look like.  I made the window treatments for the doors because we had a sleep sofa in the room that we used for out of town company.  We just removed the tassel tie-backs so the windows were covered for privacy.

This gives you a little more insight to what I’ve been doing, and why I have been so absent the last few months.  If you would like to see some of my furniture painting projects that I have been working on, stop by my other blog, All My Eggs.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your time with me!

Take care,