Beautiful Blue Table Runners!!


Blue is such a wonderfully relaxing and comforting color!  No matter where you live, it can remind you of the sky, the water, a relaxing day at a spa. Blue will work in any environment.

These pretty blue table runners are made from a wonderful soft and nubby 100% cotton fabric that is reminescent of old fashioned grainsacks. Just added to the shop, these wonderful runners are a great way to add color and warmth to your home for the spring and summer months.

If you are in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area, stop by Vintage and Vino in Queencreek May 18 & 19 and see them in person.  I’ll have some available for you there!




Vintage and Vino Event – Queencreek, AZ



I am so excited to be participating in this event next month!  There will be vintage, antique good, handmade, lots of wine, mimosas, good food and live music!

Stay tuned for some pictures of new table runners, pillows, towels and other goodies that I will be getting ready to take to the show, and posting available in the shop!




Crafty Wonderland Craft Show

There are so many talented people in the Northwest!  The Portland, Oregon area is so supportive of handmade, and there is always something going on for those that would like to purchase something made local.  One such venue is the Crafty Wonderland Craft show, which happens twice a year.  I was fortunate enough to get down to Portland this last Saturday, May 12, to check it out!

Crafty Wonderland Brochure
Crafty Wonderland Brochure

I not only wanted to see the wonderful items that were being sold there, but I wanted to get a chance to see if this may be something that I would like to apply for in the future.  The next show is for December.  This is a juried show, and you could tell by the products you found here.  Everything I looked at was top notch.  You could see the pride these vendors take in their craft.

Line-up ahead of us before opening.
Goodie Bag
Goodie Bag

The first 200 customers in the door received a tote bag with some wonderful goodies and coupons from the vendors.


Here are some of the goodies that I received!  My sister attended the show with me, and her bag had some things different than mine did.  This is a wonderful way to advertise your products! I know that I will be looking some of these vendors up to make future purchases from them.

Wasabi Coin Purse Class
Wasabi Coin Purse Class

There were a few classes/activities spread throughout the day that you could participate in.  These were free, and were just as much fun for adults as they were for the kids!

I tried to take some pictures (when the crowds weren’t in front of me) that would show the wide variety of vendors that were in attendance.

I was also interested in seeing how the vendor booths were set up, the banners and shop signs they used, props and tables, etc.  Since I haven’t done any shows, I really wanted to gather as much information that would help me make some decisions on what I may want to do for my own space.

All in all, it was a great trip!  I found some vendors that I will be contacting for future purchases, and gathered some really useful information, both about this particular sale, and to help me decide about any future shows.

Crafty Wonderland also has a retail store in Portland, where many vendors place their wares for sale.  If you’re ever in the area, stop by and visit them:  808 SW 10th Ave in downtown Portland. Check out some local handmade!

Thanks for stopping by!






My Shop was Featured!

I was so humbled when Jennifer, over at TheLittleShopof Stitches  approached me and asked if she could feature my Etsy shop, The Stitchin’ Chicken, on her blog. And who can say no to such a request! So it is with great pleasure (and lots of blushing…..) that I thank Jennifer for such a wonderful job! Here is the post!

She even included Creative Trims!  Please take time to go by and visit Jennifer and her store ‘ TheLittleShopofStitches’ where she has some wonderful quilting fabric, patterns and notions for sale.  I know all of you love fabric as much as I do!  And catch up with her over at her blog ‘Stitched Stories’, where you can see what she’s up to! Also make sure you check out her facebook page and ‘like’ her.

I hope that all of you have a wonderful Easter weekend and enjoy time with family and friends.

Thanks so much for your support! And hopefully, I will have some pictures of my monthly quilt along blocks for you to see!






Handmade Shop – Kat’s Crafty Corner by Kathleen Copeland

Today I would like you to meet Kathleen Copeland, owner and designer of Kat’s Crafty Corner, also know as Kat’s Korner.

Hi Kathleen, thanks so much for taking the time to share your shop with us.  Please tell us, what do you make and sell in your shop, and what made you decide to do this?

I make beadwoven jewelry.  About 2 years ago on Mothers Day my husband came home with some tools and supplies for beading.  He knew I had been wanting something new to do since my back pain limits my activity. So I started stringing beads and making bracelets and earrings. After a while I wanted something more challenging so I started learning the different bead stitches and became hooked on beadweaving….I just love it!!!

Tell me a little about your background.  What other interests do you have?

Before my back injury I was a Physical Therapist working in a hospital rehab facility on patients with Spinal cord injuries and in pediatrics.  My family is my world!  I am a grandmother now and my little Hannah has me wrapped tight around those precious little fingers.  I also play piano, crochet, cross stitch, and read occasionally.

HannahIsn’t Hannah just adorable!!

I love your bead weaving Kathleen.  You do a wonderful job!

Here are the links where you can view more of Kathleen’s work and see what other things she is up to:

Facebook Page:

Etsy Shop:

Artfire Shop:


Please take the time to go to Kathleen’s Facebook page and ‘Like’ her and check out her store.

Remember to ‘Buy Handmade’!

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Handmade Shop Introduction – Junie’s Trinkets by Junie Duncan

I would like you to meet Junie Duncan.  She is the owner and designer of  Junie’s Trinkets.  Today Junie is going to tell us a little about her shop, what inspires her to create, and some about her creative process.

Hi Junie, can you please tell us what you make and sell, how long have you been doing this, and what made you decide to open a shop?

I am a widowed mother of 2 boys- also disabled. In March, I decided to make jewelry to pass the time, possibly as gifts for family & friends. I shared a couple photos, & had a friend order from me! After talking to some other long time friends & shop owners I decided to try it out. Now, I do this full time. My page has grown to over 1150 fans in less than 4 months… I think of that as a sign I am doing what I SHOULD be. I keep my prices low, I know what it is like to see something I want, but it be out of my reach financially. I firmly believe EVERYONE has the right to have something special made, just for them. If I can do that for them, that makes me happy.

I am very pleased to say my work is now in 4 countries, & I also won a wire wrapping contest recently @   It was my 4th wire wrapped cabochon, so I was extremely surprised & thrilled to win! :)

Tell us a little more about you.  What other interests do you have?

I love FB, lol I spend most of my time there. I also enjoy reading, movies, spending time with my kids. I also teach Sunday school.

And here is where you can find Junie:

Please stop by and check out Junie’s shop on facebook and give her a ‘like’! Make sure that you also check out her new website!

And just a reminder:

I have added a new page called ‘Handmade Shops’ where you will be able to access this information easily. Please visit these people and their shops and show them your support for handmade!  Thank you!

Handmade Shop Introduction – Kypress Designs by Amber Hirschfelt

I would like you to meet Amber Hirschfelt.  She is the owner/designer of the handmade shop – Kypress Designs.   Today Amber will tell us a little about her shop, what inspires her to create, and give us some  insight to her creative process.

Hi Amber, can you please tell us what you make and sell, how long have you been doing this, and what made you decide to open a shop?

I make jewelry and crochet baby items, hats, scarves, blankets, and occasionally purses.  I have been crocheting for 15 years. When I would take items with me to school, people asking me to make some for them made me decide to start selling.  I took a jewelry class in high school and have been in love with the craft ever since.  Again, people would see me making things for me or as gifts and place orders.  At the moment, business isn’t enough for me to not work, but I would like to one day be able to stay home with my daughter again and work from home full time.

Tell us a little more about you.  What other interests do you have?

I am 23, mom to a very beautiful three year old who likes to be my model, and wife to a wonderful gamer who has a book addiction as big as mine.  I also like to write fantasy novels and poetry–and I’ve been published! (However, the book was the wrong manuscript, so I wouldn’t buy that one… So many problems and a frustrating story that I’m not going to bog you down with.)  “Kypress” was a character that I rp’ed back in school; my friends and I would work out worlds and background stories.  Then to keep ourselves occupied, we’d rp them until we got bored and made a new world.  I’m actually working on writing a book about Kypress’ world right now.

And here is where you can find Amber:

My Blog:

My Facebook Page:

My Shop:

My Twitter:


Please stop by and check out Amber’s shop, ‘like’ her facebook page, follow her on twitter, and visit her blog! Also, contact her if you have any questions about her creations!

And just a reminder:

I have added a new page called ‘Handmade Shops’ where you will be able to access this information easily. Please visit these people and their shops and show them your support!  Thank you!