Closing Shop and Moving On

Well, it is not without a bit of sadness that it is time for me to close my ribbon shop, Creative Trims. This wasn’t an easy decision for me, but something had to give.  There just is not enough time in a day for me to do everything I would like.

As much as I enjoy selling ribbon and all of the other trims in my shop, I don’t have the time to do some other things I would like to do.  I have some Craftsy classes that I have signed up for to learn some new quilting techniques, and a knitting class. I have been wanting to learn to knit as long as I can remember.  And I would love to be able to expand my other shop, The Stitchin’ Chicken. I have so many ideas that I would like to pursue. So after weighing everything, I am letting my trim shop go.
What does this mean for you, my customers?  Some great deals on some wonderful ribbon and trims! I am starting to list some whole spool deals on 3/8″ and 5/8″ dotted grosgrain, one of my best sellers!  Right now is a great time to stock up to do your projects for the upcoming holidays, and stock your handmade items in your shops.  I am offering the 25 yard spools for 1/2 the price of the yardage.  That makes the 3/8″ ribbon $4.50 a spool, and the 5/8″ ribbon $7 a spool.
Each week I will be adding more deals on ribbon spools for 1/2 the price of the yardage listings.  I will be posting the deal of the week on my Creative Trims Facebook page, so make sure you keep an eye out, or ‘like’ my page to see my deals. If you don’t see a whole spool listed for a color that I carry in yardage, contact me through my shop, and I’ll check to see if I have any in stock.  I may miss a listing along the way.
I plan on having the shop closed by the end of the year, so stop by soon to get the best selection of what you are looking for!
Thank you so much for being so great to work with.  And I look forward to seeing you at the shop!

My Shop was Featured!

I was so humbled when Jennifer, over at TheLittleShopof Stitches  approached me and asked if she could feature my Etsy shop, The Stitchin’ Chicken, on her blog. And who can say no to such a request! So it is with great pleasure (and lots of blushing…..) that I thank Jennifer for such a wonderful job! Here is the post!

She even included Creative Trims!  Please take time to go by and visit Jennifer and her store ‘ TheLittleShopofStitches’ where she has some wonderful quilting fabric, patterns and notions for sale.  I know all of you love fabric as much as I do!  And catch up with her over at her blog ‘Stitched Stories’, where you can see what she’s up to! Also make sure you check out her facebook page and ‘like’ her.

I hope that all of you have a wonderful Easter weekend and enjoy time with family and friends.

Thanks so much for your support! And hopefully, I will have some pictures of my monthly quilt along blocks for you to see!






Handmade Shop – Kat’s Crafty Corner by Kathleen Copeland

Today I would like you to meet Kathleen Copeland, owner and designer of Kat’s Crafty Corner, also know as Kat’s Korner.

Hi Kathleen, thanks so much for taking the time to share your shop with us.  Please tell us, what do you make and sell in your shop, and what made you decide to do this?

I make beadwoven jewelry.  About 2 years ago on Mothers Day my husband came home with some tools and supplies for beading.  He knew I had been wanting something new to do since my back pain limits my activity. So I started stringing beads and making bracelets and earrings. After a while I wanted something more challenging so I started learning the different bead stitches and became hooked on beadweaving….I just love it!!!

Tell me a little about your background.  What other interests do you have?

Before my back injury I was a Physical Therapist working in a hospital rehab facility on patients with Spinal cord injuries and in pediatrics.  My family is my world!  I am a grandmother now and my little Hannah has me wrapped tight around those precious little fingers.  I also play piano, crochet, cross stitch, and read occasionally.

HannahIsn’t Hannah just adorable!!

I love your bead weaving Kathleen.  You do a wonderful job!

Here are the links where you can view more of Kathleen’s work and see what other things she is up to:

Facebook Page:

Etsy Shop:

Artfire Shop:


Please take the time to go to Kathleen’s Facebook page and ‘Like’ her and check out her store.

Remember to ‘Buy Handmade’!

Thanks for stopping by!


Handmade Shop Introduction – Patchwork Trails by Terri Wilhelm

Today I would like to introduce you to Terri Wilhelm and her Etsy shop Patchwork Trails.  I have known Terri for a few years through our blogs.  I have seen Terri grow, both in her sewing and now designing abilities.  I am so glad that she has agreed to let us know a little more about her upcoming plans and where she is taking her shop.

Hi Terri.  Please tell us a little about your shop.  What do you make and sell, how long have you been doing this, and what made you decide to open a shop?

Messenger Bag
I make what I call youthful and modern gear for every day in your life, whether you’re on a hiking trail or galavanting around the city. What that means is I make handbags, tote bags, purses, clutches, makeup bags, stuff sacks, laptop bags, and wallets. My newer products include small pouches to keep headphones so they don’t get tangled inside your larger bag, and sketchbook covers and zipper pouches to hold your drawing tools.
Sketchbook Set
I try to combine patchwork and quilting techniques into a variety of styles that are whimsical and artsy while being functional and versatile. My latest style is to make bags from suiting fabric on the outside for a professional, polished look with a bit of flair and dazzle embellishing the outside, along with a colorful or wild print for the inside.
Headphone Pouches
I opened my shop on Etsy in July 2009, and started selling handmade goods in September 2009. I love to sew and make things, and decided to share my perspective with others by opening this shop. I would really love to exhibit at a few craft fairs throughout the year and get a few of my products into a boutique too.
I know that you are doing some new things and will be putting some new items into your shop.  Do you want to tell us a little about that?
My new endeavor is to sell PDF-to-print patterns of my bags and gear. I have three written so far, so stay tuned for news on the release of Patchwork Trails patterns. (will be announced on my blog).
Navy Handbag
Tell me a little about your background.

I spent the past 18 years working as a paralegal in the insurance and financial services industries. I decided to make a career change last summer and now I’m a design and illustration student. It’s been a lot of fun learning how to draw and illustrate, and how to apply those techniques into designing new products for my shop. My dreams are to design my own fabrics (which I’m working on right now) and to offer some of my illustrations for sale.

What other interests do you have?

I love to spend time in my garden, hike bike and ski, listen to music, cook and bake, go to farmers markets, watch movies, get lost in a good book, and make art.
I love to spend Saturday nights making art cards, which are a fun way to illustrate what took place over the past week.
I’m also enjoying a summer of creative challenges to keep my skills fresh until design school starts again in fall.
If you would like to learn more about Terri and Patchwork Trails you can find her here as well:

Blog:  Terri’s Notebook at

Shop:  Patchwork Trails at

Twitter:  Terriaw at!/Terriaw



Thanks for sharing your shop and your future plans Terri.  I wish you all the best, and I can’t wait to see your new patterns!

Please remember you can also access Terri’s information and a link to this interview on my Handmade Shops page as well as other shops that have shared their information with us.

Thanks for stopping by!


Just Hangin’ Out or Should I Say “Hanging on!”

It seems that all of my creative inspiration is going into my Etsy shops these days.  It is so surprising how much work it is setting up a new shop.  CreativeTrims is off to a good start.  I keep ordering inventory, and that is where the real work is.  Taking pictures, tracking inventory and listing is really quite time consuming, but fun too! And just a reminder, I have a Grand Opening sale going on over there which will end May 31.  Use coupon code “GRANDOPENING10”  to get 10% off your entire order (not including postage).

I have made a few items and put them in The Stitchin’ Chicken shop as well.

I am working from my current inventory here, and I have a very large box of burlap coffee sacks that I had purchased some time ago.  So I am making some pillows and buckets from them. There will be more of these to come!

I am lining the buckets with cotton canvas, and also backing the pillows with it as well.  It goes well with the burlap and is a strong material, so these things will hold up to use on the patio as well as in the house.  I love the simplicity that these things bring to any room they are in.

I have also been researching a few new venues for selling my handmade items.  I have scaled back on Artfire, switching from the Pro account to a free one.  Things do sell there, but not nearly as well as they do on Etsy.  I have found a couple of new venues, and started setting up a shop, free for now, over at Meylah.  I really like how the layout is over there, and after I get everything listed, I may upgrade my account. If you get a chance, stop over there and check it out! There are blogs and tutorials, all kinds of things going on.

It is great to see what is evolving out in the handmade market, pretty exciting.  And the support in the community is wonderful!

I have just joined in the world of tweeting too!  Yes, I have tweeted about 3 times now! lol! I am always unsure of what I am doing and how it is going to work.  I have had a few problems on Facebook lately, like accidentally posting the same post multiple times (I need to just leave my hand off of the mouse and let it think, before clicking again!).

Anyhow, now you know where to find me!  I hope to do some sewing just for fun (not that I am not having fun now), but I would like to finish some of my projects.

Until next time, take care.  Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!


I’m Having a Sale!

Hi Everyone, I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!  For the most part, it was somewhat sunny here and the leaves on the trees are coming out full force now!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am having a GRAND OPENING SALE! over at CreativeTrims on Etsy.

This is a great time to stock up on some cute dotted grosgrain ribbon or rick rack!  Just use the coupon code “GRANDOPENING2011” at the checkout and receive 10% off your total order (not including postage).

Thank you so much for your support!

Enjoy your day!


A Little Spring Color Inspiration…..

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to inspire…..


Rolls and Rolls of Color!


I found these small packages of ribbon at Target, in their $1 bins as you go in the door.  I thought that they were so sweet, I had to have one of each color!  Each reel is only 1/2 yard, but I thought that they would be great for some of the small projects that I have planned for this spring and summer!


My Main Ribbon Drawer...


I mixed them all in my main ribbon drawer.  Look at all of the wonderful color!  The sun is peeking through the window and casting a small amount of light on them.


Lace Drawer


And I knew that the lace drawer would not want to be left out! :)

And here is the latest fabric basket added to my Etsy and Artfire shops.  This is the large one.  The outside is made of vintage floral cotton fabric, a pale blue cotton lining, and warm and natural batting as the interfacing.


Large Fabric Basket of Vintage Floral Cotton


Spring is showing up everywhere!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by,

Take care,