A Frosty Sunrise

My how time goes by!  It’s already past the middle of January of a new year!  I just took the picture in my header this morning.  The orange was so intense when I first spotted it, but just the few minutes it took me, to first check for new e-mail, and answer questions regarding shop listings, etc, it changed completely.  But I thought it was still worth taking.  Only 27 degrees, a hard frost, and the sun rising.  It’s going to be a good day!

I have been sewing and sewing, mostly to restock the shop.  But I do have pictures that I would like to share with you, from my completed, yes you read that right, completed projects from the end of 2012.

Colin's quilt

Here is the quilt that I finished for our new grandson, Colin.  He was born in November, a sweet little guy…

Colin - Newborn

I took some of the extra fabric and made him some matching washcloths..


And then I made him a matching fabric basket with his name on it.


I purchased an embroidery machine in November so that I can do projects like this one, and some monogramming on items in the shop, more on that later.


And this was the quilt label that I machine stitched for the back of the quilt.

We also had another grandson in August, my son’s….

Zane - Newborn

Ducky Hamper

I picked up this old wicker hamper, which was somewhat beat up and all white, and painted it for baby Zane.  I thought that the ducky should be blue to match his room, and I made a new liner for it. I also made a fabric basket and covered memory board with the blue checked fabric, but gave it away before I took some pictures!

Like most people, I look to the new year to make resolutions, or promises if you will, of what I would like to accomplish or do differently this year.  I’ve decided to keep it simple this year, since I know how things change as time goes on.  One promise that I made myself was to finish the projects that I have started, and I have some that have been around for a long, long time, before I start new ones.  And I have tons of new ones that I would like to do.  So I am doing just that.

Lap Quilt

I don’t know if anyone remembers this lap quilt, but it has been setting in the closet folded up and waiting to be completed.  I actually had it all machine quilted and ready for the binding.  Then I noticed that all of the quilting needed to be removed.  The tension on my machine, don’t know how I missed it, but it was off.  And the stitching on the back looked terrible.  So I have started removing it.  I am about half way done.  This will be my first project to get completed. And I have someone in mind that I will be giving it to.

Then on to this one……

Orange Sherbert Quilt top

This is my Orange Sherbert Quilt.  I only did the top, then never assembled the quilt.  It is a crib size quilt, so I guess you know where I may be going with this one?

I have other projects, but lets just get these couple done first, ha, ha!

What projects are you tackling this year?  Please share with me! Maybe we can support each other and get them done!

Enjoy your day!


January Blocks of the Month Done!!

I decided it would be great fun to participate in a block of the month group this year.  One of my goals (you know those resolutions…he,he) for the year is to do more quilting and to learn some new techniques.

I read about a block of the month class/workshop that is going on over at Craftsy.com, and it’s free, so I checked it out!

This is such a great class! And did I mention that it is free! (I have also signed up for 3 other classes over there, but more about them another time.)  The class is being taught by Amy Gibson.  And if you haven’t checked out the Craftsy platform, you really need to get over there!

January Blocks

Here are my two blocks for January.  Hanging a little lopsided on my design board, but done!  Yay!  I chose white for my main background and sashing color.  I am using different blues from my stash for the balance of the materials.  I have so much fabric, I know I can get a quilt done just using my stash. And blue is my favorite color.  I thought that a blue and white quilt would be just stunning!

Asterisk Block

Here is a closer look at my Asterisk block.  January blocks are slashed blocks.  This is the first time that I have sewn using this method, and it’s so easy, and liberating!  I can see me using this method to come up with some new blocks easily!

Wonky Pound Sign

This block Amy calls the Wonky Pound Sign.  I haven’t decided which way I will lay it in the quilt at this point, but it was really a fun block to make.

The February blocks are now posted up and the video is ready to roll! February is working with half-square triangles.  The blocks are called Balkan Puzzle and Chunky Chevron.  There will be more of a variety of fabrics used in these, so they will be a little more interesting.

This is really getting my creative juices flowing, which is why I decided to do it.  It’s not too late to sign up if you’re interested!  I have a link here, and then one in my sidebar.  Click on over and check it out!

Thanks for stopping by!


Some Progress Made..

I started this pillow awhile ago, and I have been hand quilting it, just a little here and there.  And yesterday, I finished!

Quilted Patchwork Pillow
Quilted Patchwork Pillow

I love the colors in this pillow, and I decided to quilt each square from side to side, in rows 1/2″ apart.  It really is more stitching that I had realized.


Here is a closer look, all those stitches, not always straight and small, but I think it looks quite quaint!  I love it!  I just put a pillow form into it for now, but I have an old down and feather pillow that I am going to remake into a smaller insert for it.


I used a stripe for the back, and the opening is just an overlap.  Of course, it gets dark here early now, so I get to try to take the picture without my shadow from the lighting.  Ooops!

Here is another one that I am making for the shop, only this one is going to be machine quilted, not hand.

For the shop
For the shop

I just love these blues and the brown together!  I intend to just stitch about 1/4″ inside each square, around the edges.

I also finished up 5 more blocks for my 9-patch quilt, something that I haven’t been able to work on for awhile..

More 9-Patch Blocks!
More 9-Patch Blocks!

I’m afraid that I may not get any time until after the holidays to get back to my Sylvia’s Wedding Sampler Quilt.  But that’s ok.  I’m also working on some new items for my shop, a couple of Christmas swaps, and some Christmas presents.  I’ll have some pictures of those completed soon!

What projects do you have going for Christmas?  Please share with me!

Thanks for stopping by.  Take care,




Old Things Into New

I have been looking at these old quilt tops for a couple of decades now.  Yes, decades!  They aren’t complete tops, at least not complete enough for a bed. They were given to me because I absolutely love quilts, and I guess that someone thought that I would do something with them….

Pastel Quilt Top

Pastel Quilt 2

The lavender and blue is a Shoo Fly pattern.

Pink and Green Quilt

Pink and Green 2

And this quilt, I’ll call it pink and green, is made up of hexagons. A sort of a Grandmother’s Flower Garden pattern I think.

I know the pictures really don’t do them justice. As you can see, they are made with some vintage  fabrics and are pretty much scrap quilts. And I have taken them out of storage more times than I can truly remember.

So I think that it is my duty to finally iron and repair them, and make something new!

Thanks for stopping by so that I could share them with you!

A Quilting We Will Go……..

A quilting we will go……  Ok, Ok, I’ll stop!  Last Friday evening I was just so excited and all geared up to join some quilt alongs.  I dug all through my stash and started making plans!  I even sent an e-mail off to Amanda Jean over at Crazy Mom Quilts and asked if it was too late to join in on the 9-patch quilt along.  Well before you know it, she added me to her list on her sidebar!  Now how far behind am I?  Today is day 39,  so I am only….

Fabric Cut!
Fabric Cut!
First Three Blocks!
First Three Blocks!

36 blocks behind!  OK, I know that I can do this!  I whipped up, I mean made these three, last night.  I am going to try to do a couple a day, at the least.  And I don’t plan on using any fabric more than once in any of the blocks.  So that means 140 different fabric, plus the sashing, borders and back.  This is going to be great fun!

And while I am working on this, I am also preparing fabric for another quilt that I want to make.


I already had a lot of these strips cut and they have been lovingly stored away, for many years I might add, just waiting for the right project.  And as I cut the blocks for the 9-patch quilt, I am cutting additional strips to add to the pile.  Here’s what I have started:

String Triangles
String Triangles

A string quilt!  I have been wanting to make one for quite awhile, and decided that now is the time.  So stay tuned in!  I’ll be writing updates on the 9-patch, the string quilt, and my tutorial is coming up too! I better get busy sewing!

Take care and have a great week!

A New Quilt!

I kept looking at the Chocolate Lollipop fabric setting in my stash…the same fabric that I used to make the bucket for the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway.  I really grew attached to that fabric after I used it to make the bucket.  So I decided to make a sofa quilt with it!

Sofa Quilt Top
Sofa Quilt Top

This sofa quilt is from Emma Hardy’s new book “Quilting In No Time.”  This was a really fun project to do, and it was quick!  I really wanted to sew something that I could get instant results!

 Quilting In No Time

Quilting In No Time

I am still deciding what I am going to back it with, and how I want to machine quilt it.  I used a solid chocolate brown for the border, and I may use the same for the backing.  The quilt in Emma’s book is tied instead of quilted, and she used linen for the borders and back. 

 I used a piece of turquoise fabric from Joel Dewberry, and some white cotton to give the quilt a break from the busy patterns in the other fabrics. I love the turquoise with these fabrics!turquoise

This is a great project if you are a beginner, or you want something that is quick, but doesn’t look like it.  This project would be great to make for Christmas if you have a long gift list!

Sofa Quilt

Quilting in No Time

Here’s the book.  I will post my review and more pictures of the contents tomorrow evening if you’re interested.

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your Thursday!