Closing Shop and Moving On

Well, it is not without a bit of sadness that it is time for me to close my ribbon shop, Creative Trims. This wasn’t an easy decision for me, but something had to give.  There just is not enough time in a day for me to do everything I would like.

As much as I enjoy selling ribbon and all of the other trims in my shop, I don’t have the time to do some other things I would like to do.  I have some Craftsy classes that I have signed up for to learn some new quilting techniques, and a knitting class. I have been wanting to learn to knit as long as I can remember.  And I would love to be able to expand my other shop, The Stitchin’ Chicken. I have so many ideas that I would like to pursue. So after weighing everything, I am letting my trim shop go.
What does this mean for you, my customers?  Some great deals on some wonderful ribbon and trims! I am starting to list some whole spool deals on 3/8″ and 5/8″ dotted grosgrain, one of my best sellers!  Right now is a great time to stock up to do your projects for the upcoming holidays, and stock your handmade items in your shops.  I am offering the 25 yard spools for 1/2 the price of the yardage.  That makes the 3/8″ ribbon $4.50 a spool, and the 5/8″ ribbon $7 a spool.
Each week I will be adding more deals on ribbon spools for 1/2 the price of the yardage listings.  I will be posting the deal of the week on my Creative Trims Facebook page, so make sure you keep an eye out, or ‘like’ my page to see my deals. If you don’t see a whole spool listed for a color that I carry in yardage, contact me through my shop, and I’ll check to see if I have any in stock.  I may miss a listing along the way.
I plan on having the shop closed by the end of the year, so stop by soon to get the best selection of what you are looking for!
Thank you so much for being so great to work with.  And I look forward to seeing you at the shop!

Time to Party!!!

I have to say that I have some of the most creative customers at Creative Trims, they come to me with the greatest crafting ideas! I really get to use my imagination helping them gather the ribbons that they need to make so many different and wonderful projects.  I want to share the latest project right here with you.

Jessica sent me this picture of the sweetest birthday hat!  I helped her gather the ribbon together so that she could make this for her little girl’s birthday.  I thought that it was so sweet, that I decided to make one so that I could show you some variation of this project.  Now mine is just not nearly as cute as this one, but I was just trying to get the steps into place.  I made mine for the celebration of our nation’s birthday, July 4th.

As you can see, I made this one a little simpler.  But it will give you the idea of what we came up with.  We did a few things different for hers, than what the upper picture shows.  But use your imagination, there are so many possibilities!

First gather your supplies:

Party hats
Glue – I used Fabri-Tac
Hole Punch

Then gather together your ribbon.  You only need yardage if you are making a lot of hats, exactly the same.  I have gather all red, white and blue, and most of the pieces are less than 1 yard.  You could also use the same color scheme and make each hat differently.  Make sure that you have ribbons that are different widths and textures for variety.

First I punched a hole in the top of the hat.  This is where you will tie on the ribbons.  I also removed the elastic strings so that I could add some ribbon ties to the hat.  Don’t remove the elastic unless you are going to add the ties.

Start cutting your ribbons and layering them on top of each other.  I just did slanted cuts, but you can do pinked edges, or a V-cut, whatever you prefer. I just guessed on a length for the ribbon.  If you want it to be a softer look, you may want them longer so they hang down a little more.  I cut each successive ribbon about 1/2″ shorter than the one it laid upon.

After you add as many ribbon layers you want, turn your stack over and lay it on the ribbon you will be tying them on with.  I used a 1/8″ satin ribbon here.  The first hat had a 3/8″ organza ribbon.  It’s up to you.  The organza will be a softer look, I was looking for a ‘fireworks’ look.

Then tie it on the top of the hat.  I slipped each side through the hole, one on each side:

I then pulled them through and around and tied them on the top into a knot.  You can also add a dab of glue to hold the ribbon in place if you would like.

Softer ribbon will be easier to tie on, and will drape more.

I then added some ties where the elastic string was:

I tied a knot in the ribbon, insert it through the holes on the sides and taped it in.  You could also add some glue to hold the ribbon better. I then tied a knot in the bottom end of the ribbon as well.

I attached some rick rack on this hat, around the base.  It only took a dab of glue every few inches.  The birthday hat has some ruffled organza ribbon attached to the bottom. If you cannot locate ruffled organza, take some wide (at least 1 1/2″) organza ribbon and do a basting stitch up the center of a piece of ribbon at least double the lenth of the measurement around the hat.  You can hand or machine baste the ribbon.  Then pull and gather the ribbon, and glue in place.

There you have it!

A special party hat for any celebration, that can be individualized for each recipient! And at a fraction of the price of purchasing them.

I hope that you found some inspiration and enjoy this project!


I’m Having a Sale!

Hi Everyone, I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!  For the most part, it was somewhat sunny here and the leaves on the trees are coming out full force now!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am having a GRAND OPENING SALE! over at CreativeTrims on Etsy.

This is a great time to stock up on some cute dotted grosgrain ribbon or rick rack!  Just use the coupon code “GRANDOPENING2011” at the checkout and receive 10% off your total order (not including postage).

Thank you so much for your support!

Enjoy your day!


Inspiration Found!

I have had so many ideas of things that I would like to make lately.  I have even had thoughts of finishing some of my old projects!  Like a few quilts that I started quilting about a year or so ago, and never finished…….we won’t dwell on that one too much! It will be a surprise, shhhh!

So I pulled out my lace drawer, the one with piles of lace all wound together in it…

A lot of the lace in here is from wayyyyy back, and it is now considered vintage!  Yes, that means that I am vintage too. wink, wink.  You see, some of my ideas include some of the eyelet and small woven lace I have in here. At least in my mind!  I really needed to see if it was still here.

So I started going through and winding up some of the lace into little bundles, no reason to not be organized about it..

And this is what I found…

some varying sizes of flat eyelet,

some doubled eyelet,

there is gathered eyelet, and edged and gathered ruffles, miscellaneous embroidered trims,

and some dainty lace edgings and crochet lace edgings.  All waiting to become my next project.

I think that I am ready now.

Thanks for looking!

The Unveiling

I know that it still seems like I am not here.  I am still painting, and have made a few things for The Stitchin’ Chicken.  But that will change soon!  It is time that I let you know what I have been up to.  I have opened another Etsy shop, Creative Trims! I have been so busy researching, purchasing, cataloging inventory and taking pictures!

I have consistently found that it is hard to find good quality trims at a reasonable price. Especially if you live in an area that doesn’t have a lot of fabric or craft stores.  And to get a great price online, you usually have to purchase large amounts.  My hope is to fill some of that void by doing the research for you, offering a variety of items and making them easy to purchase.  (This is one of those ‘you can shop in your pajamas’ things! lol!)

I currently have 61 listings, but about 130 more items to take pictures of and list!  I currently have ric rac, some by yardage and some by the spool, and in different sizes.  Also grosgrain ribbon, again different sizes, in solid and polka dots.

I also have some organza in a couple of different widths….

And a few different twill tapes….

These are just a few pictures of what is available.  The inventory that I have to still list  includes gingham ribbon and additional styles of grosgrain.  I hope to be adding some vintage buttons and lace trims soon.

If you or anyone that you know may be looking for trims, please send them over to Creative Trims!  Let me know if you are looking for anything in particular, and I will see what I can do to help you locate it.

Thanks so much for coming by!

A Little Spring Color Inspiration…..

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to inspire…..


Rolls and Rolls of Color!


I found these small packages of ribbon at Target, in their $1 bins as you go in the door.  I thought that they were so sweet, I had to have one of each color!  Each reel is only 1/2 yard, but I thought that they would be great for some of the small projects that I have planned for this spring and summer!


My Main Ribbon Drawer...


I mixed them all in my main ribbon drawer.  Look at all of the wonderful color!  The sun is peeking through the window and casting a small amount of light on them.


Lace Drawer


And I knew that the lace drawer would not want to be left out! :)

And here is the latest fabric basket added to my Etsy and Artfire shops.  This is the large one.  The outside is made of vintage floral cotton fabric, a pale blue cotton lining, and warm and natural batting as the interfacing.


Large Fabric Basket of Vintage Floral Cotton


Spring is showing up everywhere!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by,

Take care,


Swap Arrived!

I mentioned that I was involved in a maker sway over at Miya!.  I received my swap gift on Friday.  It’s always exciting to get presents in the mail isn’t it!

Here it is:

Pink and Pearls!
Pink and Pearls!

I love things that are so unique!  My daughter loved it too! I’d better keep my eye on it!

Here's a closeup.
Here's a closeup.

And another view:

tiedAnd here she stitched her initial on the end:

Gibson's Signature!
Gibson's Signature!

You can tell that she put so much thought and work into her gift.  Thank you so much  Gibson!  I love it!