A Frosty Sunrise

My how time goes by!  It’s already past the middle of January of a new year!  I just took the picture in my header this morning.  The orange was so intense when I first spotted it, but just the few minutes it took me, to first check for new e-mail, and answer questions regarding shop listings, etc, it changed completely.  But I thought it was still worth taking.  Only 27 degrees, a hard frost, and the sun rising.  It’s going to be a good day!

I have been sewing and sewing, mostly to restock the shop.  But I do have pictures that I would like to share with you, from my completed, yes you read that right, completed projects from the end of 2012.

Colin's quilt

Here is the quilt that I finished for our new grandson, Colin.  He was born in November, a sweet little guy…

Colin - Newborn

I took some of the extra fabric and made him some matching washcloths..


And then I made him a matching fabric basket with his name on it.


I purchased an embroidery machine in November so that I can do projects like this one, and some monogramming on items in the shop, more on that later.


And this was the quilt label that I machine stitched for the back of the quilt.

We also had another grandson in August, my son’s….

Zane - Newborn

Ducky Hamper

I picked up this old wicker hamper, which was somewhat beat up and all white, and painted it for baby Zane.  I thought that the ducky should be blue to match his room, and I made a new liner for it. I also made a fabric basket and covered memory board with the blue checked fabric, but gave it away before I took some pictures!

Like most people, I look to the new year to make resolutions, or promises if you will, of what I would like to accomplish or do differently this year.  I’ve decided to keep it simple this year, since I know how things change as time goes on.  One promise that I made myself was to finish the projects that I have started, and I have some that have been around for a long, long time, before I start new ones.  And I have tons of new ones that I would like to do.  So I am doing just that.

Lap Quilt

I don’t know if anyone remembers this lap quilt, but it has been setting in the closet folded up and waiting to be completed.  I actually had it all machine quilted and ready for the binding.  Then I noticed that all of the quilting needed to be removed.  The tension on my machine, don’t know how I missed it, but it was off.  And the stitching on the back looked terrible.  So I have started removing it.  I am about half way done.  This will be my first project to get completed. And I have someone in mind that I will be giving it to.

Then on to this one……

Orange Sherbert Quilt top

This is my Orange Sherbert Quilt.  I only did the top, then never assembled the quilt.  It is a crib size quilt, so I guess you know where I may be going with this one?

I have other projects, but lets just get these couple done first, ha, ha!

What projects are you tackling this year?  Please share with me! Maybe we can support each other and get them done!

Enjoy your day!


Sewing Tip: Pressing (Sleeve) Boards and Hams

OK, the title here sounds way too serious!!!  Or maybe you are saying, what does ham have to do with sewing?  Ha, ha!  But I’ll tell you, I cannot live without my pressing board and ham. You don’t need to sew clothes to get some great use from these two items. I use one or the other almost every time that I sew.

This is my pressing board.  It has two sides, one with a wider and more rounded back-end, and a narrower and more pointed end….

And you just flip it over, and the other side also has a wide end, but it is shorter and narrower than the wide one on the other side, and the more narrow end is a bit more rounded and wider, than the narrow end on the other side. You can see this in the following pictures.

This board works great when you are trying to press seams, especially when the material is something like a fabric basket, or a sleeve, or anything that doesn’t fit well on the end of your ironing board.  Or if you are trying to get into a corner to press it, this works great!  And it folds up flat for storage, so it’s easy to keep it close by, without it getting in the way. Just flip the little lever in the middle.

I don’t use my pressing ham as often as I do the board, but it is still great for smoothing out rounded items.

This wonderful item, shaped like a giant egg, is made from two different fabrics.  The plaid side is wool, and the white side is cotton.

You use the wool side for synthetic blend fabrics and wool, any fabric that requires low to medium temperatures.  The cotton side is for cotton, linen and other fabrics that require medium to high temperatures.  Again, the ends are two different widths so they work great for different sizes of areas.

I have found that having these two pressing aids available has helped me get through a project more times than I can remember.  I hope that you find them useful as well.

Thanks for coming by!

UPDATE:  My apologies to any of you that may have gone looking for a ‘pressing board’ at your fabric stores, or online.  The board is actually called a ‘sleeve board’, and I have been using it so long, I totally named it something else, in my mind.  I hope that this hasn’t caused you a lot of difficulty and time.  Thanks so much!

Let’s Do Some Catching Up!

OK, I have been a procrastinator this last year.  Trying to get my hands around all of the changes that have come my way, I think that I have started so many projects that are now setting here incomplete.  I decided that it is time to start finishing up some of them.  And I’m doing it before having to make a New Year’s resolution too! LOL!

I am still working on finishing just a couple of Christmas presents, but I threw in another project that I should have completed a long time ago……..

Wildlife Pillows

I started these wildlife pillows for one of my sons.  They were actually panels that I backed and machine quilted.

Beginning Panels

I have had them in my fabric stash for a long time, I think that they may actually be considered vintage (lol!).  So I cut off the border, selected two of them, and proceeded to quilt them. Since I had them so long I couldn’t match the fabric for the backing, and just plain brown didn’t seem right to me.  I finally came across a brown print this last year, that had most of the colors I was looking for.

Backing with a piece of the border

I added a piece of the border that I had removed from the front, and just made an envelope back closing.

Since his living room is in browns, and he is an avid outdoorsman, I think that these will work great!

One project down, yay! I think I’m on a roll!


Thanks for stopping by!


All Sparkly and Glittery….

This isn’t my usual.  I’m not really a glitz and sparkle kind of a girl, but I couldn’t resist this…..

Glitter Eyelash Yarn

It kind of reminds me of Christmas tinsel garland, but it’s not.  It’s called ‘Glitter Eyelash Yarn’.

It’s from Martha Stewart’s craft and yarn line.  Now I don’t knit (although it is something I would love to learn, maybe this is the year), or really crochet.  But I couldn’t resist the colors…

Look at the tiny, tiny yarn, and it’s so soft!  With some other holidays on the horizon (yes, I am thinking ahead!), I have a couple of ideas….

You’ll see more of this in the near future!

Enjoy your day, and thanks for coming by!


My Design Board

I have been wanting to make a design board to lay out some of the patchwork projects that I do, for quite awhile. It makes it so much easier to see how things look together when they are laid out so that you can step back and look at them, rather than spreading everything out across a table.  I don’t have a lot of floor space in my sewing room, in fact it is filled to the brim!  So I came up with an easy and inexpensive way to make one.

Design Board

This is my hanging design board.  My sewing room is a light, light blue (actually called ash white) so it is sort of hard for me to get a really good picture of it.

I purchased a sturdy built bulletin board that was in good condition from the Goodwill.  It measures about 24″ high and 36″ across.   It is the perfect size for this wall, which is across from a double window, so it gets a lot of natural light.

Sewing Room Window

The board is so easy to make.  I didn’t take pictures along the way, but I know you will be able to follow what I am saying.

I gathered together some polyester batting, a piece of white flannel, my staple gun and the bulletin board.

First you need to lay the flannel out (I used the floor) with the right side out, or facing the floor.  Next, lay your batting on top of the flannel. Make sure that your batting will wrap around the outside edges of the wood frame on the bulletin board.  Next lay the bulletin board front (face) down on the batting. Then wrap the flannel and batting piece around the frame of the bulletin board to the back.

Starting on one long side, I pulled the flannel to the back, folded under the edge (just to make it look neater.  Not necessarily a requirement) of the flannel, and then stapled. I did the first long side, starting in the middle and working my way out to the ends, then went around the board to the second long side.

After you staple the long edges, move to the short ones, starting in the middle of each, and working your way down each side, stapling to the outside edges.  When you get to the corners, just fold the excess in and tuck it under, then staple.

Fold in the Corner and Staple

After that, if you need a hook, add one on.  Where you place it will depend on the size of your board and how you prefer to hang it.  Yay, you’re done!

Using My Design Board!

Now you can just place your material up on the board and rearrange until you get the design that you want!  The fabric just stays up on the flannel.  Or if you have heavier items, you can use pins to hold the pieces up as well.

Yay!  I am so happy to have this board! Now I guess I better get my blocks together and get them sewn!

Thanks for stopping by!

Paisley Print, Vintage Eyelet & Vintage Buttons…..


What does that make?

My new ipad cover!  Yay!

Once I decided on the fabric the rest just fell into place….

When I was looking for my ribbon to make the loop for the button, I found this vintage applique, which is actually a cut out from a piece of lace that I saved a long time ago. I think that it adds just the right touch!

I am pleased with the outcome!

What fun projects have you been working on this weekend?  I’d love it if you would share!

Until next time,  Cheryl


Just Hangin’ Out or Should I Say “Hanging on!”

It seems that all of my creative inspiration is going into my Etsy shops these days.  It is so surprising how much work it is setting up a new shop.  CreativeTrims is off to a good start.  I keep ordering inventory, and that is where the real work is.  Taking pictures, tracking inventory and listing is really quite time consuming, but fun too! And just a reminder, I have a Grand Opening sale going on over there which will end May 31.  Use coupon code “GRANDOPENING10”  to get 10% off your entire order (not including postage).

I have made a few items and put them in The Stitchin’ Chicken shop as well.

I am working from my current inventory here, and I have a very large box of burlap coffee sacks that I had purchased some time ago.  So I am making some pillows and buckets from them. There will be more of these to come!

I am lining the buckets with cotton canvas, and also backing the pillows with it as well.  It goes well with the burlap and is a strong material, so these things will hold up to use on the patio as well as in the house.  I love the simplicity that these things bring to any room they are in.

I have also been researching a few new venues for selling my handmade items.  I have scaled back on Artfire, switching from the Pro account to a free one.  Things do sell there, but not nearly as well as they do on Etsy.  I have found a couple of new venues, and started setting up a shop, free for now, over at Meylah.  I really like how the layout is over there, and after I get everything listed, I may upgrade my account. If you get a chance, stop over there and check it out! There are blogs and tutorials, all kinds of things going on.

It is great to see what is evolving out in the handmade market, pretty exciting.  And the support in the community is wonderful!

I have just joined in the world of tweeting too!  Yes, I have tweeted about 3 times now! lol! I am always unsure of what I am doing and how it is going to work.  I have had a few problems on Facebook lately, like accidentally posting the same post multiple times (I need to just leave my hand off of the mouse and let it think, before clicking again!).

Anyhow, now you know where to find me!  I hope to do some sewing just for fun (not that I am not having fun now), but I would like to finish some of my projects.

Until next time, take care.  Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!